Get to know... Finn Askew

Bouncing from genre to genre defiant of any real definition, 19 year old newcomer Finn Askew and his eclectic take on sound are well on the way to major achievements.

Hailing from a quiet market town in Somerset and entirely separated from any real kind of music "scene", Finn's fresh and magpie-esque approach has led to the release of new single 'Cherry Bomb'; a track well capable of landing him amongst the likes of Still Woozy and Joey Maxwell.

We caught up with Finn to hear how he himself sees his sound, how he spends his time away from music and just how much he's been missing the pub.

You’ve got a brand new single out in the world - tell us a little bit about Cherry Bomb?

Cherry Bomb is like a summer explosion. I wanted to make a song that made you feel as if you were in one of them old vintage cars but that has been modded and is bouncing up and down, gangsta style. In general just wanted a head bop song and I feel like I succeeded, it's truly great to finally have it out.

You’re only 19, but your music taste is clearly on a very broad spectrum. Did you have somewhat of a musical upbringing or is it just something you’ve gotten into naturally?

I mean yeah really been involved in music all my life, my Mum used to teach to music to toddlers, and apparently the teacher said for a kid his age he really knows how to keep a beat - so I guess I was destined for this life lol. But I started guitar young and I really only found out I could sing when I was like 10 or something, however old you are when you’re in Year 5. It was for sure a natural process like everything just seemed to fall into place.

It’s definitely hard to define you as part of any specific genre - how would you yourself describe your sound?

The sound of the youth.

Do you think Cherry Bomb is a good representation of what’s to come from you as an artist?

I feel like Cherry Bomb is the bridge to the real sound I’m going for. I didn’t want to just jump into it, I really needed a song that tied the sound together and I feel like Cherry Bomb is that final piece to the puzzle. The Finn Askew sound is en route.

How have you found the past 12 months?

I mean this past year has been the best of my life, as an up and coming artist coming into the game it’s been a challenge. Seeing as getting yourself out there, playing shows and that hasn’t really been possible. But I feel like I’ve done super well seeing the situation I've been in with covid'n that.

Have you learned anything about yourself during the forced ‘downtime’?

I’ve learnt not to take the pub for granted lol

When you’re not working on your music, what do you tend to get up to the most?

I'm usually just chilling with my mates, getting up to mischief and that or maybe on my PS4. But yeah, nothing too crazy in a sense I live a pretty normal life at home.

What’s something about you that might surprise your listeners?

My real name is Samuel.

And what’s the plan for the rest of 2021? Anything exciting on the way?

Yeah, this year is gonna be mad, I’ve got my next EP coming which will hopefully drop end of the year. Also got a few headline shows in November located in London and Exeter. Theres loads of other little surprises along the way too, so keep an eye out for them.