Get to know... girlhouse

Updated: May 14, 2021

Lauren Luiz, also known as girlhouse has done it all. After featuring in the NBC series ‘Grimm’, living in Portland, Bristol, LA, New York and Nashville and performing on Broadway (via a performance for Barack Obama at The White House), the Nashville based songwriter has shared her debut EP, 'the girlhouse ep'.

In celebration of the release, we caught up with Lauren to chat about how she reached this point in her life, the intimacy of her debut EP and what's next for her musical career.

Hello! How’s life treating you?

Hi! It's pretty okay regardless of the circumstances!

You’ve got a new EP! Tell us a bit about ‘the girlhouse ep’ and where the ideas for these tracks came from?

The songs were inspired by my move away from LA. I had such a toxic relationship with that place; I moved there, moved away, came back because I missed it and then fell out of love with it again. I had been doing that dance for over 8 years and I had to leave again. This ep is definitely a break up letter to the city. I'm living in Nashville now.

It feels like a very intimate collection of songs, did you intend for it to become so intimate or is it something that’s shone through naturally?

I guess it did get intimate! lol I think I tend to overshare pretty naturally, not one of my favorite characteristics. I usually leave writing sessions feeling like I shared WAY too much unnecessary information and get really embarrassed. So, short answer, no I probably didn't intend to do that.

You’ve already achieved huge things in your life outside of music - what was it that encouraged you to launch girlhouse?

2020. Everything felt like it had screeched to a halt. Writing music alone has always been my outlet to process the world so this project is me having the time to put that into fruition.

Do you think creating your own music has made any notable changes to your life? Is there anything you’ve learned about yourself in the process?

I got really comfortable writing for other people and other people projects. This definitely taught me what my voice sounds like. Integrity? I guess it taught me integrity.

How would you describe girlhouse to somebody who has yet to hear your music?

insecure ginger rock

If you could work with any visual artist on a piece of girlhouse artwork or a music video, who would you choose?

oooo GREAT question! I love Carson Ellis. She's an illustrator that always brings me life. But to be honest I've loved working with Alex Justice on a majority of my visuals. She did one photoshoot for me that became my entire look. She and her boyfriend also put together a last minute (AND I MEAN LAST MINUTE) music video for knuckle tattoo. I just appreciate her so much.

What’s the plan post EP? Do you have anything else in the works?

Just finished recording the second ep! Trying to finalize those songs and then just releasing and recording more music until we are able to tour the country in a shitty white 5 passenger van again :)