Get To Know... Greta Svabo Bech

Grammy nominations and working with huge names like Deadmau5 and Cher are no new addition to Greta Svabo Bech; but with a new label deal signed with Norway's Propeller Recordings, 2021 signals somewhat of a new start for the Faroese singer-songwriter.

With her touching new single 'Breathe' out in the world, we caught up with Greta to discuss her plans for her 'new beginning'; her time as a student in Liverpool and the countless achievements that have played a part in becoming the musician she is today.

Hey! How are you doing?

Pretty good, thank you.. released music this weekend, and I’ve just been swimming in a fjord in the North Atlantic feeling cleansed!

You’ve got a new single out, ‘Breathe’ - tell us a bit about it?

Breathe is a song I wrote about a family member, reflecting on their passing away. I wrote it on the guitar, as a goodnight song, a kind of lullaby. Unlike other music I have been involved in, I wanted to keep the production as minimal and raw as possible, so the song is centered around the words.

So you’re starting somewhat of a new chapter now you’ve signed a fresh label deal, how are you feeling about working with Propeller Recordings?

I feel incredibly lucky to have found a new “family” who share the passion for my music and songs, especially in the midst of a pandemic! It’s really exciting to be starting this journey with some genuinely lovely humans.

You’re an artist with a very impressive musical background, what would you say has had the greatest influence on your music so far?

Everything we make, influences or shapes us in some way. Working with Deadmau5 on “Raise your Weapon” really impacted me in its reach, and connected me to collaborators I would never have met. When a song streams hundreds of millions of times, there’s just so many people who hear your voice and reach out for one reason or another.

Working with the Bloody Beetroots over two albums, I loved taking influence from all forms of art, photography to sound, punk to classical. We always went really deep with our songs together. And this helped me when I came to write the song “Circles”.

When you work with somebody like Ludovico Einaudi, it’s obviously a very different creative journey. But in terms of how good a song is, it relies on the same kind of qualities. You focus on how the production can strengthen the feeling of the song - rather than simply be a good production.

You went to university in Liverpool, right? What was your favourite part of living in the city?

Yes! I miss Liverpool and the North West! I loved the community the seven years I lived there - the sense of humour, the warmth of the people. I played a lot of gigs and met a lot of people… “Breathe” was actually written there - in Concert Square of all places! And I’m still working with some close friends from there (Tom Ashbrook, Mike Cave), so my connection to the place and the people is strong! I can’t wait to get back there as soon as this madness calms down!

Are there any specific artists you’re excited about at the moment?

There has been some amazing music coming out this past year - Jim E Stack’s latest album was one of my favourites, Kacy Hill, Japanese House, Rosalia, Mura Masa, Kito, Kwamie Liv, Perfume Genius, Bibio, Ben Howard, Noah Gundersen…I could go on. I especially love finding new music.

You’ve already worked with some pretty impressive names, but if you could collaborate with any artist of your choosing, who would it be?

Dream collaborations would be with Frank Ocean and Lindsey Buckingham!!

How would you describe your music in just a few words?

Perfectly imperfect. Reflective. Vulnerable.

And what’s next for you in 2021? Anything exciting in the works?

Oh yes! Expect a lot of new music this year. Maybe even as soon as April 16th! ;)