Get to know... Hallan

Credit: Karl Fisher

Joining the ever growing hit machine that is Nice Swan Records, Portsmouth four-piece Hallan's brand of frenzied punk and twisted stories on the mundanities of everyday life are soaring toward the release of their debut EP, 'Reporting Live From The Living Room Floor' on 16th July.

In preparation for the storm to come, we quizzed the band on their favourite aspects of the mundane, their forthcoming EP and what to expect from 2021 live dates.

Hello! Who are Hallan? Tell us a bit about yourselves?

Conor, Josh, Adam, Josh make up Hallan. All hailing from this little island of Portsmouth on the south coast, we enjoy making music whilst narrowly escaping the clutches of misguided money men and industry tycoons. We hide in small houses and venues and yell at people away from the prying eyes of social influencers and YouTube content creators.

Your music is all about the mundanity of the everyday - what’s a mundane part of life you actually really love?

I think for all of us life goes in waves of excitement and mundanity, being in a band definitely boosts the excitement factor though. Waking up and realising i'm still present is rather exhilarating after a night full of youtube diving. Nothing better than an awful night's sleep after burning your retinas watching a hydraulic press squeeze a watermelon at 10000 frames per second.

‘Orwell’s Idyllic Future’ is the new single - talk us through it a little bit, is it a good representation of what’s to come from your future releases?

OIF is a bit of an anomaly on the EP. Being a song we wrote a rather longish time ago I think it's the last true remnant of a bygone Hallan era. I think a lot of the music we've been getting into and writing ourselves has taken a turn away from this frustrated sort of sound however it was important to us that the song appeared on the EP. Make of it what you will but to us all that matters is that it gets played live. The band has always evolved rather quickly, sometimes quicker than we can release music, so being a Hallan fan means you’re never going to quite know what’s coming next.

The new EP is out in July, what can you tell us about that? Any particular favourites on there?

The EP is something that's important to all of us and something we've sat on for quite some time. Exploring themes and a narrative on this concept EP has been a significant learning experience for us as a group. Being our first body of work it's been great to have freedom to experiment with different sounds and themes. We're always writing at quite a fast pace so when a release finally makes its way to ear drums it's a definite sense of relief to know we can continue on to the next project. I think the whole band dig Reruns and it's fixation on Mundanity. I'm quite partial to Television Show. We got to throw a load of wacky stuff on that.

Did you always want to work in music, or did you have alternative ideas when you were younger?

I think a couple of us in the band always had quite a strong inclination to play. I remember for the longest time when I was younger music never interested me. I'd hear a couple of tunes in the car every now and then and I remember spinning a CD copy of Pop Party when i was a little'n. I think I was more wrapped up in my own place trying to be a cowboy or lieutenant commander of the USS Enterprise. The path from innocent child to preacher of mundanity has been an unexpected and strange one but i'm glad to be here. Our mundane aspirations serve as our credentials with band members letting me know they wanted to be teachers and "best barista in the south" of an undisclosed highstreet coffee shop chain.

You’ve got actual live dates in the calendar! What can be expected from a Hallan live show?

I know it's kind of strange. It’s been way too long since we’ve graced a stage with a full crowd and it's somewhere we find ourselves feeling at home. Imagine a frustrated male in his young 20's delivering a sermon on the everyday rituals of the 21st Century. Now imagine that with a band, a smoke machine and some lukewarm and probably overpriced lager in your hand. If you do find yourselves trapped in a Hallan show, don’t fight it, enjoy the ride.

Any fellow upcoming artists you wouldn’t mind sharing a tour with?

Haal supporting Hallan could make for a confusing tour poster. Sorry, Do Nothing, Sinead O Brien and the Paul McCartney imposter Billy Shears would be cracking.

What else is to come this year? Any surprises on the way?

We have our tour and EP release all coming late this year. With our own headline hometown show at the Wedgewood Rooms slap bang in the middle of it. So, lots in the way of Hallan business. We're not one of them bands to release and call it quits for a year after so expect something else. What shape or form that something else will manifest itself as is yet to be known by ourselves or any living being.