Get To Know... HYYTS

Glasgow duo HYYTS’ latest single, Lonely People is a piece of nostalgic pop complete with a hint of new wave indie electronica.

The basis of the release itself is quite simple. The lyrics are catchy and so is the melody but it is not riddled with guitar solos nor crazy instrumentalism, yet this is a deep strength of Lonely People. It’s an easy listening piece of relaxing pop.

It is undoubtedly a perfect romantic night in song to add to your playlist. The euphoric aura, despite the sometimes melancholy lyrics, gives off perfect good vibes.

Excited by both their music and their potential, we sent the duo some questions about their journey into music, working with Warner Music and the current Glasgow music scene.

Tell us a bit about yourselves and how you came to create music as HYYTS?

Hiya! Both of us are just two wee guys in a band that hope to one day be full time jingle/TV theme music writers. Adam comes from a musical theatre background and has been a crazy talented performer since before he could even talk. He studied music and performance in school and uni. I (Sam) am a weird long mute who found my way into music through cynicism and the underground nightlife scene.

At what point in your lives did you decide to make a career out of your music, and what influenced that decision?

Honestly we’d never really planned on making a career out of it. Both of us absolutely fell in love with making tunes together and quickly realised it wasn’t crap and with the help of some lovely people, got our stuff out there til’ big lovely Warner Records made the biggest mistake of their existence and signed us :)

Tell us a bit about your recent single ‘Lonely People’, where did it come from and how does it feel to be releasing music with a label as big as Warner Records?

We made this song with lovely friend, Rationale and fellow man of length, Starsmith. The song really just is a shout-out to everyone and that there’s beauty in loneliness and we all experience it in many different ways. I think it’s also about being present in the moment and really just feeling the experience you find yourself in. :)

How have you managed your creativity throughout 2020? Has your writing been effected by the chaos of current life or have you found yourselves to be more productive than usual?

Myself and lovely Adam actually moved in to separate places relatively early on in lockdown, but once we reconnected we each had loads and loads of new stuff we kind of stuck together. Obviously some of it was absolutely unlistenable but we actually came out of the lockdown period with a few really great songs.

We obviously find ourselves in an incredibly fortunate situation where could just bury ourselves away and write every loads, so we’re very grateful for that.

Is there anything you have learned about yourselves through creating music together?

Absolutely! We were already best pals living together before the band, so once we started working together we’ve had few moments spent apart. You’d think we’d be at each other’s necks all the time but it’s actually always completely lovely. I think we both cherish how amazing and healthy our friendship continues to be. To answer your actual question is probably say we know always everything about one another lol.

You’re from Glasgow, what’s the music scene like up there at the moment? Anyone we should be keeping an eye on?

Yes!! The music scene here is good I think! I’m a bit of a social hermit so probably not your best music tour guide but I know there are some mega mega talented people making music of all genres here. Our favourites are Jack Brotherhood which we’re currently doing a remix for hehe shouldn’t be saying that xxx, Wuh Oh, Beta Waves, VanIves and some really great up and comers you should defo check out are bands like Mogwai, Deacon Blue and Franz Ferdinand.

What would your dream tour & rider look like?

Reebok did a Minions collab recently so probs all of that and a minions cake please xxxxx :D

If your music was to soundtrack any film or TV show, which would you choose?

This is really fun question. Realistically it’d probably be TOWIE or something but it’d be amazing to have our music on an Ari Aster film or something spooky n cooky like that.

I’d one day seriously love to get into scoring but I think you need to be old and slightly fat to do that so I’m holding out for that.

Where do you hope to be as HYYTS in 12 months time?

Really just making more and more people happy by listening to our music and hopefully be playing live again. That’s be the real hope is that love comes back and we can all have a dance and a cuddle.