Get To Know... I Am Boleyn

Now based in London having grown up in St Petersburg, new addition to the UK synth pop scene I Am Boleyn has released her latest single In Between.

Spending her time between London and Stockholm as she works with renowned Swedish collective FMLY STHLM, I Am Boleyn’s influences range from pop to electro; resulting in a high energy blend of commercial dance and synth pop bound to appeal to the masses.

In Between follows the success of Too Much and Just Friends, the first of which was remixed by F9, reaching the number twelve chart spot on the UK Club charts - we caught up with I Am Boleyn to discuss the influences of changing cities and falling in and out of love, and making music for yourself, not others.

Tell us a bit about yourself and how long you’ve been making music for?

I grew up in St Petersburg and now live in London - I think my childhood in a cold climate is why I love Stockholm so much, which is where I write most of my songs. I have been making music one way or another for about 7 years now. 

At what point in your life did you decide to make a career out of your music, and what influenced that decision?

I had always wanted to have a career in music, since I was really young, but after university I thought, 'I might as well give it a real go for a while and see what happens' and that 'while' has been quite a long time now! 

What is the main source of influence for your songwriting?

I am inspired of course by things in my own life, falling in and out of love, changing friendships and cities. I am also very inspired by other music and art. I often hear or see things that influence me and my writing. I found the creativity of people during this lockdown, to drive to continue to create connection at a distance, very inspiring - like Mark Ronsons video 'I want to see the bright lights tonight' and swedish singers, Lune's, video 'Wifi Talk' shot via Zoom.  

What is something you’ve learned about yourself through making music?

That I like to work with people. I am not great at being alone for long periods of time and I find the input of others, whether it's creative or just an outside opinion, very helpful. 

What is something you wish you’d known when you first got into the music industry? 

That you don't have to get the involvement or approval of big labels to make the music you want to make. I wasted  some time waiting for other people to say that what I wanted to do was good, rather than just getting on and doing it. 

Who are some of your favourite upcoming artists from the city you live in?

I love Seraphina Simone , she has the most beautiful voice and incredible melodies. Her song 'Cherry' is really my favourite. 

What would your dream tour & rider look like?

I would love to do a tour of the US, to all those cities that you hear about in movies - like Dallas and New Orleans. The ask on my rider would be, please can we have a two day break between gigs so we can explore! 

If your music was to soundtrack any film or TV show, which would you choose?

That is a great question! Something sci fi - maybe the Blade Runner 2049 remake with Ryan Gosing or the next John Wick movie! I love Keanu Reeves. 

What’s the bucket list goal for you as an artist?

I would love to start performing live again, that is something I miss in these strange times  and my absolute dream venue one day would be the Royal Albert Hall!