Get to know... Jaws the Shark

Credit: Rob Crawford

Raucous in every sense, recent addition to the infamous Nice Swan Recordings roster Jaws the Shark has been pulling the punches throughout 2021, racking up an impressive run of releases each tipped by tastemaker press and radio outlets alike.

Now set to join The Wytches across a handful of live dates, the newcomer has primed listeners for the storm to come with a new single 'Cold Feet', offering some insight into an eagerly awaited debut EP due in 2022.

We caught up with JTS following the release to chat all things sharks, the fear, Nice Swan and the debut EP - get familiar with our chat below.

Hiya! Straight in with the hard hitting questions, why Jaws The Shark? What’s your favourite kind of shark?

I've been a shark nerd for as long as I can remember, well, all marine life to be honest, but sharks are obviously the most feared and revered. Fascinating creatures, did you know that they are older than tree's? Genuinely, it's hard to get your head around that. Also, there's a scene in the TV show Peep show where they keep going on about Jaws The Shark, I was watching that at around the same time I was trying to come up with a name and it just felt right, so I went with it. My favourite shark is probably a Bull shark. It can live in both salt and fresh water, which makes it even more terrifying.

So you’ve got a new single out on Nice Swan - what’s ‘Cold Feet’ all about?

Cold Feet, plain and simply, is about getting 'The Fear' the day after a big night, where you question your actions and basically your entire existence. Until you then fall asleep and wake up the next day feeling fine and ready to do it again.

It’s the second track from your debut EP which is arriving next year, how are you feeling about sharing that chunk of work with the world?

I'm really excited about it. I'm proud of the EP and how it came out, I think it showcases a few of the different writing styles that I have, the two that have been released from it so far are kind of fast paced and in your face, whereas the other tracks have a slightly darker tone and are a little bit more musical. I have a whole load of tracks up my sleeve that i'm still due to record and so i feel like a bit of a coiled spring at the moment, once this EP comes out, i'm ready to then properly start my journey into the musical stratosphere and see where that leads! Which i'm excited about.

Tell us a bit about the EP, what have you got in store?

I wrote all of the songs on the EP when we were all in lockdown, but I didn't want it to sound all dreary and gloomy, I wanted it to be the exact opposite, to write music that made people want to get up and lose themselves for a minute or two. I wrote a song called Another Day In Paradise, as kind of a tongue in cheek track really, because every day was the same and it was anything but paradise. But I tried making light of the situation we all found ourselves in and just wanted to create something that was fun, not only for me but for anyone that listens to it. I've got a bunch of shows coming up to see the year out and then looking to start the new year off by recording a load more tracks for the follow up to this EP, then I think the plan is to get some headline shows in across the country shortly after that!

There’s lots of good stuff going on amongst the Nice Swan gang, what’s are it like working with such an esteemed label?

Working with Pete & Alex at Nice Swan is honestly really great, those guys have given me such a leg up and plucked me from obscurity, to a point where now i'm playing shows up and down the country on a weekly basis most of the time! They've both got a really good ear and seem to hit the bullseye each time when they pull the trigger on an artist and choose to sign or release them. I feel really fortunate to have been given that chance.

Talk us through your journey to releasing music as JTS, when did you decide to pursue a career in music? Did it stem from a musical upbringing, or is it something you grew into?

I started to pursue a career in music initially when i finished secondary school, I managed to go on my first UK tour when I was 17 or 18 and that was....disgusting actually looking back! Haha. I then found myself working in the music industry for other bands and eventually as a Tour Manager, which has lead me to meet some amazing artists and see some amazing places all over the world, which again i'm really grateful for.

I always felt that I had some unfinished business though and wanted to start releasing my own music again, in a way, it's down to the pandemic that I actually was able to then do that. I couldn't tour or work for other artists and so it allowed me to have all of this free time to finally be able to sit down and record a load of music. That's then when I started initially self releasing stuff and then eventually crossing paths with Alex & Pete at Nice Swan. Now Jaws The Shark has pretty much taken over my life and it's started this whole new career path for me.

You’ve got a few support slots coming up with The Wytches, what’s to be expected from the JTS live show? Can we expect raucous scenes?

You can definitely expect raucous scenes. The only way I can cover up my dodgy playing ability is to cause a scene and distract away from it!

No, but i'm really looking forward to the Wytches shows, i've known those guys for a little while now and they're some of the nicest people you could ever meet. I think (and I hope) their fanbase will be quite receptive of me musically and so it should be a win win all round!

2022 and beyond, what’s on the cards post-EP release? Any bucket list items to be ticked off sometime soon?

I want to get back into a studio asap, which will likely be the new year now, to lay down a whole load more tracks and get those prepped for release for mid 2022 hopefully. I'll also be playing a bunch more shows from early 2022 and then hopefully jumping on a load of summer festivals. That's the overall live plan for now.

I've just confirmed my first European show for 2022, which is awesome and I hope to be able to get a load more in the calendar for next year.

Bucket list would be for my mum to see me play at Glastonbury, it's the one thing she's always said she dreams of seeing me do and so I have to make that happen for her.