Get To Know... KUČKA

Photo Credit: Dillon Howl

Having lived in the North of England and Australia, the now LA-based singer and producer KUČKA may have previously collaborated with the likes of A$AP Rocky, Flume and SOPHIE, but in 2021 her music is truly standing out on it’s own.

Blending everything from R&B, jazz and electro influences into one breathtaking collection of works, her debut album, ‘Wrestling’ is due for release in April and pays true testament to KUČKA’s years of dedication to production.

Totally in awe of her talent, we caught up with KUČKA to learn more about her musical journey, the forthcoming album and what she’s been doing to keep busy over the past twelve months.

Hi! Tell us a bit about yourself?

hello!! I'm Laura aka KUČKA. I'm a music producer and singer. When I'm not writing music I like to make videos, watch dumb reality tv and nap. When I make it outside, I like the forest.

Your debut album ‘Wrestling’ is due in April, talk us through the album & your favourite tracks?

The album was written at a time in my life when there was alot of turmoil. There were many contradictions. I had just moved countries, so I was away from my close family and friends, but I had recently met my wife. I was writing alot but got really sick and couldn't record properly for about a year. There was joy but also an equal amount of frustrations and sadness. My favourite is a track called 'Eternity'. It was one of the first ones I wrote and I think matches the bittersweet tone perfectly. I recorded it in a period when I was still pretty sick so you can kind of hear it in my voice, which I hated at first, but now it seems right. It definitely marked a turning point for me and made me realise I could finish the record.

How would you describe your music to someone who hasn’t heard it before?

Introspective ambient electronic pop

Did you always want to pursue a career in music, or did you have different ideas when you were younger?

I didn't really get into creating music until I was about 18, I never even dreamed it could be possible as a career path. I could never imagine adult me as a kid/teen so I felt quite lost in terms of a 'career' or job prospects before I discovered music.

How have you been keeping busy over this past year? Picked up any new hobbies/skills?

I've been really into video editing. It started off with my own music videos but now I've branched out and started editing for other people aswell. It feels really similar to my music making process.

Tell us about some of your favourite artists, which three could we find amongst your playlists?

Right now I'm listening to alot of Trypheme, RAMZi and upsammy.

If ‘Wrestling’ was to soundtrack a film, which would it be?

Miranda July's next movie.

What’s the rest of 2021 looking like for you? Anything exciting in the works?

I have a few fun collaborations coming out and more KUČKA tracks in the works.