Get to know... L.A. Peach

Credit: Luke Tapley

London collective L.A. Peach's exploration of love, lust and the novelty of fresh relationship honeymoon periods have led the four-piece to the launch of their debut EP, 'Welcome To L.A. Peach' - due for release on 18th November.

Their first fully-formed release, it pairs equal parts sun-kissed, dream-pop with sleazed, 80's nostalgia for a distinct, yet fondly familiar sound set to further the train of L.A. Peach acclaim.

Fresh off the back of lead single 'Amateur', we caught up with 'em to learn all about the EP, the story behind the 'collective' and what's next on the agenda for L.A. Peach.

Heya! Who are L.A. Peach?

L.A. PEACH is John (vocals, synth), Morgan (bass, synth), Olivia (vocals, saxophone), Jake (keyboards, guitars).

Talk us through the formation of the ‘collective’ - what sparked the idea to create music together?

We all knew each other from different walks of life. Morgan and Jake went to school together and Morgan met Olivia at a pottery class where they started conversing about the sax work on Rod Stewart's Baby Jane, and Morgan got inspired. Within 30 minutes he’d come back with the bare bones of what became ‘Amateur’. Seeing as me and Olivia are engaged, she took pity on me and got me involved. Jake was less easy to coax, like big foot or a stray cat, but once he was tamed, he became a loving companion.

You’ve got an EP on the way, what can you tell us about ‘Welcome to L.A. Peach’?

John: It is probably the most exciting project we’ve worked on! That’s the main thing! We managed to boil all our influences down into one sound and actually get it onto tape in a way that we wanted, so that’s been both inspiring and a relief!

Your new single ‘Amateur’ is taken from the EP, there’s a very distinct 80’s vibe running through that one. Is that where you take a lot of your influence from?

Morgan: We definitely love a lot of 80s music, so it's bound to show in the music. We love being able to cherry-pick influences from song to song, so it's not limited to one particular decade. We're just as likely to be influenced by Steely Dan or Prince as we are C418 or Ariana Grande

Would you call ‘Amateur’ a good representation of the L.A. Peach sound?

John: It contains a lot of the elements that make us, us. The songs on the new EP all feel like they’re part of the same family, but perhaps one or two are stepsiblings.

Morgan: Absolutely! Expect more ear wormy guitar, bombastic bass, sexy synth and raunchy sax in your life from now on!

You’ve got a nice run of live shows coming up in November - what’s to be expected from those shows? What’s the L.A. Peach live experience like?

You can expect lots of fantastic outfits for a start! The shows will be high energy, very entertaining and kind of more like a cabaret than your quintessential indie band pretending to be grumpy 24/7... You see we like to put a lot of effort into our live performances as they’re a good representation of us as people and musicians!

Who are some of your favourite upcoming artists in London right now?

Yowl are so underrated it’s stupid. Ghost Car are sooooooo much fun and they’re all lovely people too which helps. Shout out to Maeve hehe

Beyond the release of your EP, what’s on the cards for L.A. Peach? Anything exciting in store?

Yes, plenty, we’re not messing around or resting on our laurels! When the goings good, work harder - as Ian Wright once said! We’ve got an album ready to record, and it is sounding marvellous. At the moment though, it’s full prep for the November tour!