Get to know... lavender

Updated: Aug 27

Toeing the line between alt-pop and hip-hop with an effortless air of cool, additions Adam Jackson and Oskar Rice - known best as the ascending London duo lavender are set to release their debut EP later this year.

From the hazy, lo-fi bliss of 'blue' and the slick, soulful groove of 'peppermint' through to a world of R&B inspired beats on 'secure'; the pair's playful, free flowing songwriting defies boundaries like no other, setting 'all will be well' up to be one of 2021's most exciting debuts.

Keen to get to grips with the pair's ever evolving sound, work with and plans for the live scene, we caught up with lavender to discuss all things 'all will be well'.

Hello! Introduce us to lavender - who are you and when did you decide to start creating music together?

We are Adam & Oskar aka lavender! A duo based in london. We met in school, but weren’t really mates whilst there, after we left we started working together recording an indie band Adam was in at the time, with Oskar doing the engineering for the sessions. From there we started sharing music with each other and after years of messaging each other, sending each other our own projects and saying ‘we should do something together’, we eventually landed in a studio together to try clashing our influences together.

You’ve recently joined the incredible - how has working with such an inclusive and progressive label impacted you as a duo? We’re over the moon to join the fam! We feel really at home there and the team are amazing. We’ve both worked in the music industry for a while and it’s really refreshing and positive to work with a team/label that is female made and female fronted. We were honoured to be brought in as one of the first signings at the label, and to be part of such a positive change. And aside from that, the decision was as simple as foundation are amazing curators and great people, and we really felt they really understood lavender as a project so super excited to be doing this with them.

Your music really toes the line between alt-pop and hip-hop, are those the kind of sounds you were surrounded by when you were younger or more a product of working together as lavender?

100%! I think these first few releases we were really keen to kind of wear influences on our sleeves a little as we both come from those different musical backgrounds (Adam was an indie/emo kid and Oskar a hip-hop head). We actually bonded and became friends through sharing music from our little collections with each other and introducing each other to our respective musical worlds. We have quite eclectic tastes these days, but think that those umbrella genres that have really, unintentionally influenced the lavender sound.

Would you call these recent singles a good representation of what’s to come from your forthcoming EP, or do you have some surprises in store?

Hmmm good question, I think we wanted people to be a little bit surprised by the EP as the intention was to explore all of the different strands of influences that had informed the project, so it’s a little bit of a journey along different sounds we were listening to prior to the creation. It’s a good question though because all of that said, we play it to people and most of the time they just say ‘this just sounds like lavender’ which is also cool!

How do you see these new tracks translating in a live setting? We’re really, really excited about playing live. Since we wrapped the EP it's been what we’ve been focusing on. We were really keen to bring the whole studio process to life so there's live guitar, bass, keys and vocals as well as sample chopping and manipulating live and some really fun trippy live re-sampling stuff. It’s hard to explain without getting super nerdy but it's really exciting. We’ve also spent quite a while breaking down our tracks and rebuilding them with new sections and transitions to make the live set special. We’ll probably throw in the odd unreleased track or cover into the live set too.

Do you have any live plans on the horizon?

Oh for sure, we’re hoping to get out and play as much as we can! We’re gonna be doing a bunch of DIY house shows/pop-up shows in random spots throughout the rest of the year - so defo hit us on instagram to be in the loop/whatsapp group haha.

Who are some of your favourite upcoming artists of the moment? Anyone we should have our eyes on? Our answer to this question recently has been Caleb Kunle - we’ve been working quite a bit with him in our Brick Lane studio but hes insanely talented and also the nicest bloke ever. Hopefully there will be some lav x Caleb music coming out in the near future but yeah he’s amazing and deffo worth keeping an eye out for. Beyond that our label mate MILYMA is also incredible, she just put out an EP on Foundation FM records and it’s so so so good. Also, if you’ve met Adam or even driven past him on the street, he’s probably told you to listen to Chartreuse.