Get to know... Margot

Formed just eighteen months ago, South London five-piece Margot are set to release their debut EP Margotzeko on 7th February.

In their short time as a band, Margot have earned a reputation for their tender, laidback dream-pop, gathering acclaim from the likes of Radio X, BBC 6 Music and BBC London along with it. The band have also just unveiled the latest single to be taken from the EP, Man Love; an exploration of toxic masculinity which keeps with the band’s often bittersweet lyrical themes.

Following the release, and ahead of the full EP’s release next week, we caught up with Margot to find out how they came to be, and what’s to come in 2020.

Tell us a bit about Margot, how did you all meet?

Margot is a band of old friends. We met in school, or at parties while at school and had always flirted with the idea of making music together.

What’s the best part of being in a band together?

The feeling when a song comes together in a way that could only happen with this group of people pushing for the same goal.

Your debut EP Margotzeko is coming out very soon, how would you say these new tracks compare to the singles you’ve previously released?

I think they are more ambitious in every way. We tried to create a diverse collection of songs, in the way they sound and what they are about. Genre wise they are less straight forward and express a wider range of emotion.

What was the main influence behind the EP?

It’s hard to say what the main influence behind the EP is. There is not one main influence but many reasons behind how the music and subject matters came to be.

When it comes to your songwriting, does it typically all come together in the same way or does it vary with each track?

It can vary from track to track but most of the time it begins with an idea, either a riff or chord progression most commonly Rob or Alby would bring to the band and we will develop and build a full structure with. Melody and lyrics often come simultaneously as Alex listens. But other times it’s totally different.

What’s the most enjoyable part of the songwriting process?

When you have a break through that surprises you and makes all the hours focused on one idea feel well worth it.

You’re launching the EP with a show at Paper Dress Vintage on 7th February, what can be expected from the show?

We will be of course playing tracks from the EP and some of the older singles we’ve released over the past few years and maybe a new one we’re working on right now. I think there is an energy and looseness that comes out in the live show. We are also lucky to be supported by an amazing line up of bands (CUP, Aaberg and Hussey) so we are just excited to see them.

Beyond Margotzeko, what’s the plan? Is there anything exciting on the horizon?

Yes there are certainly things to come. We are getting more dates around the country in the diary and have some very exciting developments going on right now which we will be able to share soon. Mostly just focusing on writing more songs, making more and better recordings, and doing as much touring as we can.