Get to know... mauv

Bursting out of the South London scene with a captivating blend of fuzzy guitars and electro elements, London-via-Midlands artist mauv is making waves.

Releasing new single 'Wash Over Me' via London/L.A. label All My Thoughts, Tom Kellet's vivid creativity paired with the exploratory instrumentals of Sam Gillbanks and Ollie Renouf-Donaldson is equally endearing and eery, engulfing the senses with unease.

We caught up with Kellet to learn more about mauv as a project, the relationship between them and All My Thoughts and their forthcoming show at The Old Blue Last on 18th November.

Hello Mauv! Who are you and when did you start making music?

My name is Tom Kellett, I began making music around my early teens. I started releasing music online that I’d made around my 20s though I guess.

You’re based in London, but from the Midlands - correct? How do the two cities contrast in terms of their music scenes?

I’m from a very rural corner of the midlands, the Peak District, and from a village called Monyash that has a population of about 300. Moving to London after growing up there was certainly a shock to the system. The intensity and speed of the music scene was a welcome change though to the none existent one of where I came from.

Do you think moving to London has impacted the way you create as an artist?

I think its mainly just made it harder to create due to how much I have to work in order to pay rent. When we had the first lockdown I had a big burst of creativity, and that made me realise how hard it actually is to be a creative person whilst juggling a whole other working life in London. I think now though I understand a lot more about how I like to write, and I guess I spend a lot less energy figuring things out like I used to.

Tell us about your new track ‘Wash Over Me’, where did the lyrics for that one come from?

‘Wash Over Me’ is a song sort of reflecting on how insignificant and tiny I felt when I got to London, and ultimately how that came with a sense of liberation and less pressure when it came to making music. I definitely felt a bit identity-less or invisible, and this track just digs into that feeling.

It’s released via London/LA label All My Thoughts, how did that come around?

My relationship with All My Thoughts came through working Seb Wildblood on a couple of tracks. We began talking and ended up deciding to come up with an alias for me to start making more experimental music under.

Do you have a clear concept in your mind of where Mauv will be in a year’s time?

I don’t really know, and to be honest I’m enjoying not knowing and just making music and playing it to people. That’s essentially all my job has to be at the moment, and I’m just excited to see where that takes mauv.

Tell us about your upcoming show at The Old Blue Last, what can be expected from that?

We’re playing with some really cool bands, Beach Tape and Tummyache. Should be a real eclectic evening!

And who are some of your favourite new artists in London at the moment?

BOSS, deep tan, Honey Glaze, Crook Decker, Famous are some of the new artists that are really inspiring me at the moment.