Get to know... Mint

Following the release of latest single Goodbye Beautiful, we caught up with Zak Rashid, Bambi Maidens, Lenny Pawson and Sam Chapman, also known as Grimsby four-piece Mint to find out more about their strong views on politics in music.

Can you tell us a bit about Mint? How did you meet?

We all met in college, we just met at parties and stuff. We were all doing music but we were also just big fuckheads and we liked drinking! These three (Lenny, Sam, and Bambi) were already in a band and It sorta ended up me hijacking them. We all lived close to each other in a little town called Grimsby. We just had a laugh. The name was just sort of a drunken settlement because we wanted something really witty, clever and cool but we couldn’t come up with anything witty, clever or cool so we came up with Mint because it's my fave colour, and I think at that point we all just wanted a name. We’ve been plagued with mint jokes ever since. It's been like the worst decision ever I wish we could change our name but are too deep now!

What is your dream tour or dream ambitions within music?

I think its Queen’s innit. Queens of the stone age. (Lenny)

I think it would probably be the Strokes for me. I think we’d get along fine with Julian. Although, you see people support different artists. Like our friends, The Blinders, they opened for The Courteeners once and they also went on tour with Blossoms. It’d be cool if we went on tour with Beyonce or someone. Us four moody northerners just like ‘now then Los Angeles, are you looking forward to Beyonce! (Zak)

If you could collaborate with any musician dead or alive, who would it be?

Shall we do one each because I feel like we’re all really different? (Zak)

Kevin Parker, I think that’s mine, I think that guy does a lot of shit, or Tyler the Creator. He does a lot of cool stuff as well. (Bambi)

Strange Bones. ( Lenny )

I’d go Nine Inch Nails. Can you imagine if we got in the studio with Nine Inch Nails. It’d sound horrible!

If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

I suppose it’s just the obvious one, music consumption has no-longer become the money maker. You now use releasing music to promote yourself as a business for other stuff, like your music is basically just content to market your tour or content to market your merch. It’s not just like you write a song and you sell the song. So you know pros and cons with it all, but I would say that’s probably the obvious one. Changing Spotify to actually pay artists more. It's not particularly anyone's fault either. Technology has got us here but it’s sacked everything else.

You released your latest single on the 31st January which is titled goodbye beautiful. This is a very socio-political song.Do you think it is important for musicians to speak up politically about problems that the world is facing in this day and age?

100 percent, but not necessarily within your music. Like The Blinders again, their first record is super political but maybe for someone like our friends Avalanche party, it wasn’t so political but they are still on the same boat. I think we came up with the idea of Goodbye Beautiful because it's an old anti-resistance song so we thought we’d tear it off from it being a folk song because it was never gonna sound like that and modernize it. Once we started talking about climate change we were a bit like ahhh we’ve actually become that band, but I think it is a duty of artists with a platform to at least promote progressive thinking. We’ve got a lot in our videos, yano not many people will have watched a video of a slaughterhouse clip. We’re not asking for everyone to be like grade A activists, because we’re fucking not, it’s just to care. Put your bit in and stop killing each other.

Do you think it is important for young people to be involved in politics?

Yeah definitely, it is a hard thing to do, because there is no right or wrong answer necessarily. It’s okay to make a wrong decision. You’ve got to find out for yourself.

Do you agree when musicians tell their fans about their political opinions and tell them who they think they should vote for?

I fully do and I’ll tell you why. Their views will have been put in their music. Like Stormzy was big on labour, his entire histography is that. It’s about the working class and it is about being undermined by the government.If you’re buying into that, you should be buying into the view itself. You can’t be sat in a mansion thinking fuck poor people while you listen to Stormzy! It’s totally a complex issue about young people in politics because I really found my political stance when I was about 19. If I could’ve voted when I was 16 I probably would’ve made the wrong choice because at that age you’re already going through so much, more than ever now. You’ve also got to take everything with a pinch of salt because they never do what they say they’re gonna do. What a lovely rounding point that was!

If you had to give one message to your fans, what would it be?

Chat shit get banged. We’re kinda mates with everyone which is the problem. There isn’t a big barrier between us and the people who listen to us. Make sure that you put yourself first whenever you make the decision to spend more on our website!