Get to know... Misty Mtn

Credit: Rio Chantel

Prepping for both a return to LA and a brand new EP, rising duo Misty Mtn and their understated, tender pop are becoming a must listen for 2021.

Offering a glimpse into what's to come from the new EP, the pair's latest single 'In the Deep End' highlights their ability to compel in the most subtle of ways. Delicate, enchanting synths intertwined with Mo Trunzo's soft and evocative vocals make for soothing and captivating listening – effortlessly building intrigue into what's to come.

We caught up with Mo to chat about the pair's journey so far, the story behind the pair's new EP and all things LA.

Who are Misty Mtn and what is something you’ve learned about each other during your time as a duo?

Misty Mtn is Mo (hi!) and Lucas. I grew up in Montana riding horses and writing songs and listening to Annie Lennox and Kate Bush. Lucas grew up in Los Angeles making experimental music and listening to Philip Glass and Bjork. So suffice it to say there’s a long list of things we’ve learned from each other.

Since meeting a few years ago in NYC, our musical influences have definitely rubbed off on one another, but more importantly we’ve found a lot of common ground in the creative process itself. Lucas has really just helped me ground myself and remember that the journey is the fun part. Lucas would say that I’ve helped him overcome perfectionism. He’s so detail oriented which is amazing but I think we complement each other because he can push me to say, “I bet you could make this part better,” but I can also say to him, “you’re not gonna make this part better, we gotta move on.” So it’s really good.

You’ve just unveiled a new single, ‘In The Deep End’. It’s taken from a new EP - what can you tell us about that?

We don’t want to give away too much about the EP just yet, but “In the Deep End” felt like the perfect place to start. We had been sitting on the idea for this song for a long time, marinating on the concept of friendship and loneliness. We would abandon it for a bit and then open it back up. Eventually we ended up sending it to our producer friend Ariel Loh, who added a ton of dimensionality and finishing touches. I think it was the first song we started for the EP—and definitely the last one we finished—so it seemed fitting that it would be the opening track.

This new music comes with somewhat a new identity for you guys, what was it that inspired the shift?

I think we were so laser focused when we moved from Brooklyn to LA a few months before the pandemic that by the end of February 2020 it was feeling like some of the original impulse for the project was getting lost. We were collaborating a lot and improving as songwriters and producers, but we were also putting an absurd amount of pressure on ourselves to make something “perfect”. And when the pandemic hit we were able to go up to Montana where my family still lives, and just sort of be for a little while. We started taking hikes, and bike rides, and sitting by the river (truly how cliche does this sound) and the whole time we would just sort of mood board with each other and remember what inspired Misty Mtn in the first place. And then the EP came… and it’s the most proud we’ve been of our music so far. So in a weird way it’s actually been about getting back in touch with our identity as opposed to finding a new one.

Would you say ‘In The Deep End’ is a strong representation of the new EP?

Absolutely. We wanted this EP to feel really cohesive musically and thematically. There were so many songs that didn’t make the cut for that reason. The ability to have so much uninterrupted writing time let us really dig in and explore some big topics like memory, growing up, longing… We also were very intentional about the order of the songs and when they are being released. “In the Deep End” is the first track and really feels like the end of Summer, and sets the stage for something a little more…Autumnal.

You’re based in LA now, right? What’s your favourite part about the city’s music scene?

We’re about to be! We spent the last six months in Montana but we’re about to head back to LA. Unfortunately two of our favorite venues, The Satellite and The Bootleg, closed permanently during the pandemic. But Los Angeles is filled with such a vibrant and diverse array of creative people we’re excited to see what this new phase will look like.

Are there any upcoming artists over there who we should be looking out for?

Honestly our friend Michelle Birsky is a force to be reckoned with and someone to really watch out for. She had an amazing project called Birch but now she’s focusing most of her time on composing for tv and film and she’s just gonna be the next big thing and inspires me so much.

EP aside, what’s on the horizon for Misty Mtn? Anything exciting in the works?

Honestly, I think the best thing about being an artist is it feels like something exciting is always in the works because you either never know when creativity is going to strike or you never know when a cool opportunity will come your way. But I think just getting back to it: writing more, playing shows, making new fans, and meeting other amazing artists.