Get To Know... Multibeam

Freshly formed and bursting with potential, Multibeam are the newest faces on the Manchester music scene.

Formed of former session musician and DJ Jonny Cosmonaut and the faces behind legendary Northern venues Jimmy’s, George and Jimmy Craig, the trio today release their slick and seductive debut single Dimitri.

Loaded with luscious licks of guitar, the track effortlessly displays the years of experience Multibeam are packing. A blend of glam rock, brit rock and indie influences come together to form one gritty, provocative debut you’ll be dying to sink your teeth into.

We grabbed the trio for a chat about forming throughout lockdown, using past experiences to their advantage and the ideas behind Dimitri.

Tell us a bit about Multibeam?

Three brothers (two actual brothers) from former bands that came together during lockdown.

You’ve all been involved in music in some way or another before forming Multibeam, right? What sets the band apart from your previous work?

Jonny took a step away from being a session musician to focus on developing Multibeam. Every member of the project has over a decades experience in the worst possible industry to scrape a decent living, so we thought, hey let’s start a band at the worst possible time and see what happens.

You’ve spent the majority of your time as a band in lockdown, how was that? How do you think it’s affected your sound?

We had our first two days of rehearsals just before the country came to a grinding halt. We had to wait several months before we could safely get in a room together again, which is where we are now in Manchester. It’s hot, loud, juicy, succulent, and ripe for picking.

‘Dimitri’ is your debut single, tell us a bit about it, where did the idea come from & what was the main influence behind the lyrics?

The song explores ideas around temptation, hedonism and the spontaneity of a fleeting relationship with a wild muse of questionable moral fibre, a mere glimpse into a much grander tale.

The coinciding video is a bit provocative and certainly grabs your attention, how important is image for you as a band?

People eat with their eyes and you can get a taste for something before it’s even hit your mouth. While the music is always the most important thing, we make sure that everything we put out is of the highest grade, whether visually or sonically. Glad you like the video! Multibeam loves you.

You’ve been working between Manchester & Liverpool, both of which have some really exciting new talent - who are some of your favourite upcoming artists from the North West?

We share a room with Manchester band LOAstate who are great guys doing great things. We also love Red Rum Club from Liverpool.

If Multibeam were to create a soundtrack for any film or TV show, which would it be?

Some messed up dystopian post-apocalyptic movie where you can’t see people smiling at you on the street because their faces are covered by masks. Oh wait…

So what’s to come from you guys in the near future? Anything exciting in the works?

We’ll be rehearsing, writing, recording and releasing music. We look forward to being loud and incredibly close to a room full of sweaty people as soon as possible.

And long term, what’s the ‘dream’ for you as a band?

To continually create, travel, play on stage together, wherever the road may take us.

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