Get To Know... Opus Kink

Photo Credit: Sean Hawkey

Following in the footsteps of the likes of Sports Team, Pip Blom, Hotel Lux & FUR, Brighton collective Opus Kink are the latest in emerging talent to release music via Nice Swan Records' 'Nice Swan Introduces...' project.

'Wild Bill' dropped via the influential label this month, a storming country-western infused number which the band say “ takes the frontier lawman-gunslinger Wild Bill Hickock and ungraciously twists him into a poster boy for the Western gentleman’s assault on God, death, judgement, nature, women and foreigners”.

We caught up with the band to get a first hand insight into their eccentric world.

Hey! How are we doing?

You're doing wonderfully, keep it up.

You’ve just dropped a new single via Nice Swan, how does it feel to be working with such an influential label?

If we have seen further than others, is it not by standing on the wings of Nice Swans? Forsooth, it's a pleasure to work with the label & to see them doing really well.

Tell us a bit about ‘Wild Bill’ - where did the song come from?

From the bang and whimper of the Western Loin. Some good can come of flogging dead horses.

Talk us through how the band came together and your musical journey so far?

We came together physically and then oscillated on a kind of sine-wave plane, to the point of becoming musicians. One thing led to another and through a series of worldly and more ethereal exposures we arrived here, now, with you.

If you were to abandon all things music related right this moment, what would be your alternative career path?

We'd be the best got-darn bartenders, music tutors, gardeners and male models that North-East Brighton had ever seen, with prohibition-galvanised moonshine artwork projects buried, simmering, deep in the hills.

So you’re from Brighton - there seems to always be a lot going on down there. Who are some of your favourite rising Brighton artists?

KEG, Alice Bradley, Chloe Bodur, The Bobolyne Poets, Ebi Soda, Syd Penny, Wife Swap USA, CLT DRP, Strange Neighbours, Duress, Spang Sisters.

What have you been doing to keep busy in a life without live music?

Nose to the grindstone. Grist to the mill. Tilling and sowing the fields of opportunity. Prancing around in outfits.

Speaking of live music, what is the Opus Kink live experience like?

Like wading through thickets of poison briar to reach some promised grail and finding at the end of your journey a bingo hall, wherein hordes of small children preach alternate sermons of good fortune and abject despair.

If you could choose any filmmaker or director to create an Opus Kink video, who would it be?

The firebrand auteur, Kyle Lewis McCarthy. Watch this space as destiny manifests.

What's the plan for the rest of 2021?

The gig machine shudders towards us, about which we couldn't be happier, and we have chained to the gate here some more musical and filmic outputs longing for a patch of earth to call their own in this world. Adelante!