Get To Know... Sad Funeral

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Previously the frontman of Cave Painting, Adam Kane's latest venture, Sad Funeral, is the perfect chilled out summer time backdrop. His latest single, Kazbeg, is stylistically reminiscent of Fleet Foxes and Angus and Julia Stone. This soft and melodious track whisks you off, with Kane's individual and memorable vocals paired with raw emotional lyricism creates something truly personal to each individual listener.

With this new solo project coming on in leaps and bounds, we took the time to catch up with Sad Funeral to chat inspirations, dreamy European tour snacks and ideal soundtrack gigs.

Tell us a bit about yourself and how long you’ve been making music for? I’m originally from Stoke-on-Trent, now residing by the sea here in Brighton. I’ve been either making music or performing since my early teens, I was actually obsessed with musicals as a child, and to be honest that was the dream, I always thought if I got any success in a band I could somehow worm my way into the roll of the Phantom, I still harbour this dream……a bit At what point in your life did you decide to make a career out of your music,and what influenced that decision?

I don’t think I ever made that decision and still haven’t, music as a career is a pretty daunting one and one fraught with uncertainty, it’s always been write, play and see what happens, and I’m not sure it can be much else, just hopefully if you’re enjoying what you’re doing other people will pick up on that. What is the main source of influence for your songwriting? Well definitely other artists primarily, I’ve been listening to a lot of female lead stuff recently, seems like we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to female artists, and I think there’s often a more interesting perspective and more empathy that really comes across in a lot of of the lyrics I’ve heard. Can’t stop listening to Soccer Mommy and Julia Jacklin at the moment, the latter manages to write about break-ups and relationships in a way that feels painfully raw and honest.

What is something you’ve learned about yourself through making music?

I seem to write positive sounding music with melancholic, usually sad lyrics. Writing music has also emphasised some pre existing traits; one of them being obsessiveness to a point that is probably not healthy. It’s easy to visit some dark places when you are writing and get stuck there for a little while afterwards.

What is something you wish you’d known when you first got into the music industry?

I wish I’d known to trust my instinct and gut a lot more. It’s your work and your art and there’s a reason that’s what you do.

Who are some of your favourite upcoming artists from the city you live in?

Brighton is always awash with great music, my good friend Adam Day (County Line Runner) is great, he writes really thought provoking stuff, and then there’s Dog In The Snow, Nancy and Les Bods

What would your dream tour & rider look like?

Dream tour…Probably supporting the National, and to be honest if there’s some beers and decent sarnies on there I’m happy but at a push specifically a cooler of Big Wave’s and maybe the odd veggie gyoza dumpling.

Any European tour as the service stations are on a different level from the UK, the chocolate and pastry treats lining the major roads of Belgium were out of sight.

If your music was to soundtrack any film or TV show, which would you choose?

There’s so many decent series to watch these days that it would be hard to pick, I’ve already had music featured on ‘Love’ which was pretty unexpected as well as a Canadian cop drama called ‘Rookie Blue’ yep I’d never heard of it either! but if I had to choose at this moment in time I think something like ‘Big Little Lies’ something dramatic but visually captivating, I will say Michael Kiwanuka’s ‘Cold Little Heart’ went with this show so well, that I found myself watching the opening credits in full every time.

Film’s is tricky because I have clear favourites but not ones my music would particularly lend itself to, let’s just go with The Big Lebowski, I reckon it could be playing in the background of the bowling alley nice and inconspicuous.

What’s the bucket list goal for you as an artist?

I’ve made lists before and been lucky enough to cross off some major wishes I have things I’d love to do again, playing at a sold out Brixton Academy was up there and something I’d love to have the chance to do again, and I’d also like to go back to the States and Europe. But honestly at this point I’m just happy to be making music again, and for people to even be hearing it, I didn’t think I’d be back here so I’m trying to be in the present moment as much as possible