Get to know... School of X

Credit: Jonas Bang

Rasmus Littauer is no stranger to the music industry. A key part of Copenhagen's music scene, he's worked with everyone from Ana Perrote (Hinds) and Spencer Zahn (Empress Of) to MØ, Clairo and Liss. Now though, it's time for his very own work to take centre stage.

Enter new solo project – School of X. Rasmus' own space to explore himself and his honesty with complete creative freedom, and an ever growing soundscape of funky, expansive indie-pop which displays his experience and creativity in equal measure.

With the debut School of X album, 'Dancing Through The Void' approaching on September 24th, we caught up with Rasmus to learn all about his musical career to date.

Tell us a bit about yourself and what led you to creating music as School of X?

I needed a new fresh creative output that was completely free of references, only my own space and had no rules. Of course these things change over time but that was the reason.

You’ve worked with some big names in the past - is there anything you’re learning about yourself through creating music on your own?

YES, I learn so much. It’s a great benefit of expressing yourself I think. I explore my limits and break them too. I talk with myself through my lyrics and in general its like speaking a language. To say things out loud feels good and sometimes changes your perspective on things.

You’ve just shared a new single, ‘Feel of It’ - that, and ‘Away’ are quite different from the music you’ve become familiar for. What led you to the change in direction?

I always try to do what feels most honest and intuitive. So I don’t really have an explanation other then it feels really honest and right in many ways. But my other records also did so at the time they were made.

Would you say this new sound is a good representation of your personality?

I think so, yes, but the album is a better representation of myself. At least I think so. It carries a lot more facets.

Talk us through the album a bit, which are your favourite tracks and where did the main theme behind the album come from?

I think a song like "Away" is definitely a favourite, but there’s no song on the album that is not a favourite. All non-favourites are not on the album :-)

You’re from Copenhagen! It’s not that often we hear Danish artists in the UK - who are some upcoming artists we should be paying attention to?

Well there’s really good reason to start listening. Communions made a masterpiece of an album recently, so did Erika De Casier and CTM and August Rosenbaum are warming up to a special album I'm sure.

You’ve clearly had plenty of live experience as a touring artist, but when it comes to the future of shows as School of X - what’s on the bucket list?

I wanna go around the world and play every small stage and every big stage. That’s it!

And album aside - what’s on your mind for the remainder of 2021? Any surprises in store?

Hard to say after what we just been through the past 1,5 year. But I think there will be for sure!