Get To Know... Shrink

Best known as the hotly-tipped producer Vasser, twenty two year old Sam Breathwick has launched his new project, Shrink.

His debut single Drowning dropped a few weeks back and has shown that his songwriting is just as great as his production, creating lo-fi, ambient music which details the struggles of the people around them, how it’s affected them and the reality of ‘perfection’.

We spoke to Sam about what led him to start releasing music as Shrink, which artists he has his eye on for future collaborations and how these new songs will translate in a live setting.

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you came to this point in your musical career?

I'm 22, I started making music with bands when I was 13 and played with them until 16 when I started producing music in my bedroom, I've been writing songs since I was 17.

You’re only 22! But you’ve already achieved so much, both as Shrink and on the production side as Vasser - what was it that inspired you to get started as Shrink?

I took a break from 'Vasser' to work with other artists on their projects after spending too much time on it. After a year and a half break I wrote music for myself again but the music that came out was hard to tie to my old project, as the writing methods were very different.

You’ve lived in Singapore and Germany before settling in Kent, have the experiences you gained in those places had an effect on how you make music?

Not really, I've always counted London as the biggest direct influence on my music making, especially the artists I've worked with recently. I think going back to Germany has more been a good way to stop thinking about music than think about it.

Talk us through your debut single ‘Drowning’, how did it come to be and what has the reception to it been like?

I wrote the instrumental with my friends Cal and Avi and then revisited the instrumental 2 months afterwards. My brother had just been through a very interesting point in his life and I wrote the song, along with others, through his perspective in the third person. I've found the reception from my friends and family to be very welcome, and among the listeners of my old project I hope they don't find the change too confusing.

Is there any particular artists you’d love to collaborate with at some point?

I've always wanted to produce for bands, at some point down the line when I have the means to do so that would bring a lot of pleasure for me. A lot of my favourite artists produce their own music so I see no need to get involved in their process but 1010 Benja SL is a current favourite of mine.

You’re producing from Tottenham at the moment, right? Any upcoming artists you’ve come across who we should be keeping an eye on?

Most of the upcoming artists I work with at the moment are from South to be honest, but I know Sarah Meth is from North and she's dropped by to write some music recently, very much enjoy working on her stuff, she's amazing.

Obviously it’s a bit difficult at the moment, but how do you think Shrink would translate in a live environment?

Hopefully I will be playing in some capacity soon, when I produced the songs I very much had the live aspect in mind so the songs translate easily into a band setup, hopefully will have some nice production feats in there as well.

Let’s talk soundtracks, if you could have your music feature on any film/TV series which would it be?

I've always wanted to score, and I think that's something I definitely want to do later down the line. I love the score for 'Under The Silver Lake' by Disasterpiece, the depth of detail is amazing, another A24 film with a great score is 'Midsommar' by Bobby Krlic, and 'Good Time' by Daniel Lopatin.

What’s in store for you in the next few months? Anything in the pipeline?

Yes! Next single should be out in mid November, fingers crossed will be playing a socially distanced show sometime before the end of the year, and then will have the rest of the EP with another music video out at the start of next year.