Get To Know... Silent Child

Atlanta based writer, singer and producer Silent Child and his entirely self-created electro-rock may be right at the start of his career, but if placements on Spotify’s Alternative Beats, Fresh Finds, Sludge and Creamy playlists are anything to go by, he’s got a bright future ahead of him.

2020 has found Rodney lining up for the release of his debut EP (out February 2021), sharing four exceptional singles details his ever evolving emotions and journey as an artist.

Following the release of the fourth and final track, Heart Attack, we caught up with Rodney to learn more about him and his upcoming EP.

Hey! Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got to this point in your career?

I'm a black and hispanic 20 year old with Aspergers going through the routine of broken dreams. Almost bailed out of high school completely to teach myself how to produce. I started singing as early as I could talk and I was in chorus for all 3 years of middle school, so I had some desire to be a singer from the beginning. I just never actually applied it until late last year. I've also been playing guitar for even less time, but I like to think that my career is a lot of luck and even more tunnel vision.

It’s been a very tense year, with COVID and the US election, has it had much of an effect on your creativity?

I live in a pretty cut-off area. Covid hasn't really touched us and the elections haven't had the biggest impact on my area, but obviously people still were on edge about both.

‘Heart Attack’ is your final single before you release your debut EP in February, tell us a bit about it and where the inspiration came from?

All my tracks really don't come from bright places. This one is no different. Heart Attack tells the story of when I was at one of my worst times. School had just ended and I barely made it out only to have college and getting a job thrusted on me by my family. To them I was good at music, but they didn't really believe in my ability to live from it. Which is everybody in the beginning really. But I had put so much into music that I had to take an all or nothing risk with it and I guess it paid off.

Would you say the EP as a whole follows along the same lines as the single, or does it find you mixing things up a little?

This EP is like all over the place, but also super cohesive because it tells the story of my life in some sort of order. You hear rock, RnB, trap elements, etc. But my style goes through heavy changes in this EP.

So you’re based in Atlanta, how’s the music scene looking over there at the moment? Any upcoming artists we should have our eyes on?

I don't even really pay attention to the music seen where I'm at, but a great friend of mine who is based here as well going by the name "Fortune", has been killing it lately. He's a singer and I learned a good amount from him vocal wise. I'd say he's the best that I know of in this state.

Is there anything you know now, but wish you’d known when you first started out in the music industry?

I know that I can actually succeed. I went everyday making music just overall sad because no one liked what I was doing and no labels wanted to actually accept my songs. It took years and after a while, I just gave up. Pure luck that I actually carried on because I was actually on the verge of quitting after my last rejection from Cloudkid. So good timing really.

Can you see yourself playing live in the UK at any point?

I can barely see myself playing anywhere, I would be too nervous haha. Once I get more acclimated to performing though, I would definitely love to perform everywhere.

Where do you want to be in your career in a year’s time? Any plans on the horizon?

I'm hoping to be in a position where I don't have to worry about making ends meet and where I can move out and finally live. A lot of my mental pain comes from all the stuff I have to do to be able to live off of what I do. But aside from that, I would love to be performing/touring and working with more artists. So I'm just hoping I get somewhere close to that in a year.