Get to know... Skylights

Carefree York-based indie quartet Skylights are taking the limelight after an 8-year break.

We caught up with guitarist Turnball Smith ahead of a sold out headline show at York's The Crescent to learn more about the band, and their relationship with football.

Can you tell us a bit about the band? How did you meet?

We started in like 2008, when Johnny came round and saw us, he wanted to start a band so I thought I’d have a go on the guitar and that. We got his brother in to sing, Rob, and we just did a bit then. Didn’t really do much because Scaz was always out drinking and up to no good if you know what I mean. So then we stopped playing and came back last year after an 8-year break.

If you could collaborate with any artist alive or dead who would that be?

Errr, I don’t know really. It’s a tough one. There's all the clichè stuff. I wouldn’t have minded being an extra guitarist in Ash when they first started out. That would have been good, yeah, they had a song called ‘A Life Less Ordinary’ and it’s one of my favourite songs. So I always wondered how they wrote that. You know, I listen to it all the time and I’m like, how do they do that because it's such a great track.

You have a long history with Leeds United, not only being avid fans but also having your debut single ‘YRA’ being featured on the Leeds United 100-year anniversary video. Do you believe there is a strong relationship between music and football?

Yeah massively, huge. I think it’s a culture. I think York lacks in it but Leeds has got it. So, yeah it’s a massive culture thing.

If Leeds United were to never have existed, who would you support?

York City

It is a known fact that you take influence from the likes of Oasis and The Stone Roses. What is it specifically about this 90s Indie music that has been such an inspiration for you?

I think its sort of the lad band type of thing as well as you know its not really great singing as such, do you know what I mean, its just like a musical track rather. It’s just a lad type of thing, a going out type of thing.

If there is anything you could change about the music industry, what would that be?

I just think you don’t really understand what the people want. I sort of get it, why its more of a business as well, they want you to have a massive following before they put any money in. So they’ll only touch you if you’ve got a big following. It costs a fortune to do. It's just the way it is, I mean I went into a guitar shop in Leeds, it's closed down now, and they were saying when a new band was signed they’d just give them 250k just to buy loads of gear. There's just not the money getting invested.

If you could give one message to your fans, what would that be?

Just thanks a lot for the support.

Do you reckon Leeds United will finally get promoted into the Premiership?

Course they will!