Get To Know... Social Haul

Fronted by TRAAMS' Leigh Padley, newcomer trio Social Haul are rapidly building a reputation for their raucous, gritty take on post-punk.

Freshly signed to FatCat Records, the band join the likes of Honeyblood, The Twilight Sad and We Were Promised Jetpacks with their debut track 'Wet Eyes', a frantic riff-fuelled introduction to their thrilling world.

Following the news, we caught up with Padley to discuss the band's past, present and future.

Hey! Tell us a bit about yourselves and how you came to create music as Social Haul?

Hello, we are from the West Sussex / Hampshire border and ended up making music together after having known each other for many years. We had never given it a go before so we started meeting regularly and we’ve been having a lot of fun. Simple as that really.

Did you always know you wanted a career in music, or did you have other ideas when you were younger?

I think I speak for the three of us when I say yes we’ve always wanted to play music. We’ve all been playing since we were quite young and music has helped shape who we are. It’s a big part of our lives for sure.

But a career? It’s something to work towards I suppose. I don’t think I’d ever want to stop making music so I guess it is a career of sorts. Whether it pays the bills or not I can’t put the guitar down.

You’ve just signed with FatCat Records! How are you feeling about joining such a great roster?

Very happy! FatCat have a breathtaking roster and have been responsible for releasing some of our favourite albums. We feel very fortunate being part of the family and are thankful for the support they have shown us and our music.

Talk us through your new single ‘Wet Eyes’?

It came about quite quickly this one, the classic story of nagging tune appearing out of nowhere in your head then it coming together nicely at rehearsal. We played with the structure a tad but it follows a straightforward path, we just wanted the song to have a decent bounce and good energy. The lyrics evolved from a conversation I overheard at the pub.

Would you say that it’s a good example of your sound, or do you have some surprises in store for future releases?

Yeah it captures a part of us for sure, I’d say it’s definitely more on our aggressive side. A lot of our songs have a similar focus on momentum and melody, a lot of them are quite to the point. There’s some other leanings in some future releases but they’re all in the same kettle of ball parks in the grand scheme of things.

Tell us about a few of your favourite upcoming artists - who should we be listening to?

I suppose he’s not strictly up and coming but I recommend checking out AJ Suede. He has been releasing quality albums since about 2017 and I’m surprised he hasn’t received wider attention. He is very prolific, I particularly enjoyed both Darth Sueder III & IV.

Also loving the new Nancy album and the new Kiwi Jr. album, both very infectious and well performed pop records.

What’s the Social Haul live experience likely to be like when you can get on stage?

Fun and loud is the aim. Hopefully not boring and quiet. Guitars and Drums and that. That sort of thing.

And what’s the plan for you as a band in 2021?

We’d like to carry on rehearsing as often as we can to keep our chops up. You never know what might be around the corner! Also to get our heads down and figure out where we will be taking the music next. All fun and games!