Get to know... Supersport!

Playing a key part in the joyful output of Reykjavik's 'do-it-together' collective, Post-Dreifing – Icelandic indie-poppers Supersport! and their charming, fun-fuelled new single 'Hring eftir hring' are set to put a smile on your face.

Working alongside Árni Árnason of The Vaccines, the newcomers are creating hazy lo-fi pop with wonky uplifting melodies and some slightly bonkers visuals to go with 'em.

With a debut album and a performance at Iceland Airwaves on the cards later this year, we caught up with Supersport! to learn all about the do-it-together collective and how it influences the music they create, the best Icelandic talent & all things 'Hring eftir hring'.

Hello! You’re pretty well known in Iceland, but for us over in the UK - tell us a bit about Supersport! and how you landed at this point in your musical careers?

Hi there!! We’ve all been playing together in different bands since our early teens, but this project pretty much just spawned from our collaborations in local DIT (Do-It-Together) arts collective Post-dreifing. We’re all active organizers/promoters within that community, so we feel like our roots there go pretty deep. We also have a strong blue-collar work ethic, so even though we always focus on enjoying what we do, hard work is also a big part of it for us. Our number one goal is writing great songs, playing them well and having fun with it.

You all play a key part in Reykjavik’s ‘do-it-together’ scene, something which is providing a lot of exciting new talent. Talk us through that and how the scene influences the way you create music?

Great question! Well yes, as we said before, we’re all active members in the Post-dreifing collective, but we’ve also been involved with other DIY/DIT organisations, such as Why Not Plötur & R6013, which is a local DIY venue/record label run by our friend Ægir Sindri (who also happens to be our mastering engineer!), Andrými, which is a radical social space, DIY hardcore punk/metal music festival Norðanpaunk, and the local No Borders movement. There’s a strong sense of both community and collaboration in this scene, and we’re so proud to be part of it. It definitely influences our creative processes in diverse ways, but what’s probably most inspiring about it is watching our friends grow more mature as artists and simply trying to keep up. Hahhaha. The scene has also provided us with so many great opportunities for collaborations, as will be apparent on our upcoming record.

'Hring eftir hring’ is the new single - what’s it all about and how does it differ to the music you’ve released in previous projects?

Mostly it’s more direct than anything we’ve done before! We’re very interested in how our music is conveyed - and we feel like working with our wonderful producer, Árni Hjörvar, we’re finally able to communicate our ideas in the exact way we imagined. He was so brilliant to work with - he really helped us deepen our sense of sonic aesthetic and define our sound in a very real way. He also runs a 7” vinyl label called Hraunkot, and we were lucky enough to have “Hring eftir hiring” released there, with an exclusive B-side remix/cover by our friends Karó from GRÓA and Dagur from Ávaxtakarfa þjöppun. We’re almost out of stock but you can order here: Supersport! – Hring eftir hring | Supersport! | Hraunkot (

“Hring eftir hring” is definitely more polished than most of the stuff we’ve done before, e.g. with the Bagdad Brothers and Tucker Carlson’s Jonestown Massacre, but in a way it’s also more playful and exciting to us. Even though we’ve heard and played it about 50 million times now, it’s still so enjoyable.

The lyrics are Bjarni’s thoughts about linear time perception, and how that’s perhaps not always relevant to the human experience. He’s a history student at the University of Iceland, and once had a class about temporal theory, where the idea of cyclical time perception, as opposed to linear, was introduced. It resulted in a little note in his phone, which then turned into this song.

The track is taken from your debut album which is arriving later this summer, what can you tell us about it? Is ‘Hring eftir hring’ a good representation of the rest of the album?

The short answer is no. Some of its features have a very clear Supersport! essence to them, but honestly the album is a bit all over the place. Haha. We like to play around with diverse influences, and strive to create a kind of synthesis of the music that inspires us. We feel like it went over pretty well this time around.

The album comes out via Japanese record label Gifted towards the end of August (release date TBA very soon!!). It’s called “tveir dagar” and we’re so proud of it.

It also comes with a fun, slightly whacky music video. Where does the visual aspect of the band come from? Any particular influences there?

The main idea for the music video came from our good friend Hjalti Nordal who was simultaneously the writer, director and cinematographer for the video. For all the music videos on this album, we decided to give our directors near complete artistic control, and as a result they are turning out to be so crazy and diverse. It’s very fun to see that happen, and we feel this direction really represents the internal diversity of the album. Stay tuned for more wild visualizers in the coming weeks and months!!

If you could have any visual artist/director create a Supersport! music video, who would it be?

No doubt - it would be susan_creamcheese (Vilhjálmur Yngvi Hjálmarsson). Villi is actually a very dear friend and collaborator of ours from the Post-dreifing collective, and recently made an amazing video to black midi’s Chondromalacia Patella. But unfortunately we haven’t had the chance to work with him on a video project yet. Hopefully it’ll happen one day.

Tell us about some of your fellow Icelandic artists, who should we be listening to?

Honestly, there’s way too many amazing bands around for us to answer this question properly, simply because we’d like to tell you about all of them.

These are all so different (well, because the genre is dead, obviously) but we’ll name a few of our favorites:

BSÍ: Amazing songwriters and the prettiest activists on the Northern Hemisphere. K.Óla: Multi-media artist/popstar K.Óla has two distinctly different faces: synth-pop princess, and contemporary composer. GRÓA: The best fucking band of all time. Ólafur Kram: Our very good friends and an amazing gang of musicians. Word on the street is that their debut album is coming very soon. Korter í flog: Crazy local art punk band Korter í flog thrills us every time. sideproject: This is the sound of the actual future. Sucks To Be You Nigel: the new kids on the block - very exciting young punks in the scene,

Honorable mentions: Final Snack, Trailer Todd, Skoffín, Ingilín, Pínu Litlar Peysur, Konfekt, Milkhouse, Ávaxtakarfa þjöppun, Sillus, MSEA, Ægir, xGADDAVÍRx, susan_creamcheese and so many more. Also just check out the rosters from Post-dreifing, Why Not? Plötur, Spectral Assault Records and Myrkfælni!

Beyond the album, what’s on the cards for you as a band? Any plans in the works?

We’ve got some pretty exciting shows coming up this summer, as we slowly introduce our album to the world. DIY Music Festival Hátíðni and Iceland Airwaves are some of the dates already lined up. Once the album’s out we’d love to get on the road, but only time will tell when DIY touring is a realistic option :(

Also, we never stop writing new music, and we’ll probably be back in the studio by the end of the year to record a follow-up to “tveir dagar”. Stay tuned!!

Supersport!, BSÍ, K.Óla, GRÓA, Skoffín and more play Iceland Airwaves 3-6 November 2021.