Get To Know... T Truman

Timothy Lanham may be best known for creating indie-pop anthems as keyboardist for The Vaccines, but 2020 has given us a new perspective on the London based musician’s talents as he launches solo project and alter-ego T Truman.

Born To Be Right is Timothy’s debut EP as T Truman, a blend of the modern indie we are familiar with and 70’s glam pop and rock. It’s full to the brim with spirited piano, powerful vocals and a big chunk of authenticity, and is one hell of a treat for both Vaccines fans and newcomers alike.

In celebration of the EP, we talked to Timothy about choosing the right time to launch a solo project, the difficulties of being a creative in 2020 and what’s to be expected from him as T Truman in the near future.

Congratulations on the solo project! How has the reception been to the first couple of singles?

Thank you! It’s always hard to tell, you put it out and there’s no sudden moment of stardom, you just trust that as you continue the music filters to the people who will love it.

‘Rock ’n’ Roll’ feels almost glitzy, definitely timeless. Is that something you were keen to pursue or more the product of what you were listening to at the time?

I remember listening to "Mind Games" by John Lennon and thinking it was a good reference point but I wasn’t leaning into anything in particular; just my own interpretation of nostalgia. Lyrically I had a notion about a musician living in the wrong era and I guess I tried to play into that.

‘Born To Be Right’ has just dropped in full, what can you tell us about it?

I think the whole EP fits neatly in the same world with the same mood and humour. You should be able to listen start to finish and feel you know something about the character singing.

What was it that sparked the idea of a solo project?

T Truman had been brewing under the surface for a while I think. 70’s piano pop is a genre I had never explored, so when I discovered it for myself this new project kind of just leapt out.

How is it working on something completely your own after spending so much of your time working as part of The Vaccines?

I have always written my own music. For whatever reason this seemed like the right project to let loose into the world. It’s liberating and exposing when it hangs under your own banner.

Do you think that your work in The Vaccines has had any influence on your sound as T Truman, or has the inspiration come from your own life rather than the band’s?

I think the projects are so far apart in mood that there isn’t a lot of crossover. My own tendencies melodically and lyrically are naturally a little different.

What has it been like launching a new project in such turbulent times? Have you found it challenging to put out releases without being able to play them live?

Knowing you have endless amounts of time to utilise is very powerful but by the same token without the possibility of shows and that connection to culture, I've struggled with disconnection and demotivation.

And where do you see the project going? Do you have tours/albums in sight or are you just taking things as they come?

At this point I am very much taking things as they come... but be sure T Truman will be playing live and more music is on the horizon.

Which track from the EP is your favourite? Any particular reason why?

I love "Loretta", banging the parts out on the piano is very satisfying.