Get to know... The Lounge Society

Credit: Piran Aston

Speedy Wunderground signees The Lounge Society are a band rising at an astonishing pace. Proudly possessing the title of the label's fastest ever selling 7" record, the release of debut EP 'Silk For The Starving' has only added to the ever growing collective of tastemaker fans and radio support which has seen them soar.

Following the release of the EP, we caught up with The Lounge Society to chat about how they came together, working with Speedy Wunderground and what's to be anticipated from their forthcoming live dates.

Hello! Who are The Lounge Society and what is your favourite part of creating music together?

The Lounge Society is what happens when four music obsessives come together with the sole purpose of doing something different. It’d be hard to pick a favourite aspect of the band experience as we are really enjoying the whole journey, but if we had to, it'd probably be the feeling we all get when a new song is born. It almost always happens by accident, and it’s never what we imagined it would be like, but it’s quite magical seeing one finished product emerge out of four different creative corners.

How long have you all been making music for? Did you start out as kids, or is it something you’ve grown into as you’ve gotten older?

Yeh we all individually started very young, but only in year 10 of high school did we properly come together. Since then it was a solid 2 years of finding our sound, our style and forming a basis for our unshackled writing style.

Your debut EP is out now - talk us through it. Where did the tracks come from?

We have something to prove with this EP, and I think that’ll always be our aim with our future releases. Silk for the starving is a kick in the teeth. It's a diverse and yet subtly sewn together amalgamation of our sound. Lyrically we are just as crucially diverse, covering anything and everything we feel is sidelined in the public eye. However this EP is rural, we ground ourselves in what we know and the upbringing we’ve had in a claustrophobic, middle of nowhere countryside town.

If you were to pick one of the EP tracks as a real representation of what The Lounge Society are about, which would it be?

Truly, we don’t think this’d be at all possible. No one track is and will ever be a repeat of the last, it’s a story we are telling and story’s must be fluorescently divergent. This is why we cherish the opportunity to publish this assortment of music.

Tell us about working with Speedy Wunderground, you’ve released the label’s fastest selling 7” - correct? How does it feel to have the backing of such a respected label?

Yes, correct! When that happened it was our first real signifier that we can seriously go as far as we like, exceed all expectations. Speedy are the perfect label for this, we knew that immediately, they have a way of working like nothing else, they are consistently outside of the box.

What would the dream “Silk For The Starving” visualiser look like? If you were to choose from any in the world, which filmmaker/director would create it?

I've always felt Sofia Coppola is able to ignite a completely unique and hazy world view. More films about buildings and people please!

You’ve got live shows - lots of ‘em, coming up later in the year! What’s to be expected for those who have yet to catch you live?

Everything. It’s drama, it’s catharsis, it’s groovy ,it’s soulful. Nothing is ever held back no matter the gig. We can’t imagine that not ever being so.

Beyond the EP, tour and 2021 - what’s the ‘big plan’ for you as a band? Anything particularly exciting up your sleeves?

We're super excited to go to the Netherlands for Down The Rabbit Hole! Travelling is such an amazing part of musicianship, we hope to see as much of it as possible and take advantage of this. We’re always just excited for the next opportunity to appear, we hope to go to the U.S next year, that would be incredible.