Get To Know... The Outcharms

Having been knocking about on the scene since 2014, if you've not caught The Outcharms this far, you've been missing out.

We here at OGS are absolute fiends for a bit of jangly indie-pop, and latest single by this Doncaster four piece ticks all of our boxes.

To Be Young & In Love incorporates smooth vocals with lyrics on the cynical side, this combination, along with the upbeat backdrop, allows this foursome to capture a sense of escapism while still tackling their angst and feelings.

Taking a step to diverge from their more Britpop roots, we caught up with the boys to chat the madness that is 2020, how they got started, and where they plan to go.

Tell us a bit about yourselves, who are you and how did you come to form The Outcharms?

We’re a band from Doncaster that met at school, like most do. Curt & Ross formed a love over similar bands and after a swift line up change, Matty and Shay learnt bass and drums in order to join the band. And the rest, as they say, came after that.

You’ve been making steady progress across your last few releases, talk us through ‘To Be Young and in Love’ and how the reception has been?

‘To Be Young and in Love’ came from an idea that Ross had. He was picking through these chords and it sounded a bit odd at first, it was definitely more complex than anything else we’d done. Then we did what we always do and threw what we had at it and the tune was born. The lyrics are a bit cynical, we liked that they were a bit glass half-empty whilst the music was glass half-full. The reception has been unreal, that’s more down to the support we’ve got.

You’ve taken a slightly different approach this time around, tell us about that - what influenced it and how does it differ to your previous work?

With Lazy having such a good reaction we wanted to go down that more pop-sounding jangly guitar sound, so Ross had a few chord sequences knocking about and put them all down on a rough GarageBand demo. We made a few tweaks to the structure etc and the track was created from there. It is slightly different but we think it’s still reminiscent of our older stuff with a chorus that people can jump about to as well as being progressive in the overall sound.

How are you tackling the doom and gloom of 2020, have you picked up any new skills or hobbies during the down time?

We’ve just been trying to get through it like everyone else. We’ve been working on the new stuff and everything surrounding that so that we’re raring to go in 2021. Fingers crossed we can do what we’re setting out to do.

Speaking of picking things up, is there anything you’ve learned through creating music together?

Remaining patient, when four people are inputting ideas there’s bound to be disagreements, but we know how each of us works and what everyone brings to the table. We know what to expect in the practice room and we’re writing songs faster than we were before. It’s a very creative time for us.

You’re from Doncaster, how’s the local scene looking these days? Any fellow upcoming artists we should be listening to?

Doncaster is where it’s at and has been for the last few years. We’d go as far as to say the scene is more exciting than Sheffield at the moment. We’ve got The Blinders smashing it, Children Of The State, The Naked Everywhere and The White Lighters to name a few. We all look out for each other and that’s what makes it a great place to be in a band.

What would the dream Outcharms tour look like? What’s on the rider?

We’re hoping to get out on our first tour next year, we think we’re at the stage where we can get on the road and draw decent crowds. We get DMs and tweets all the time asking to play here and there so it feels like it would be worth it. In terms of the rider, it’s got to have Kronenbourg, Buckfast, Chicken Wings for Ross and that’s about it really. We’re easily pleased.

What’s next for you as a band? Any big ideas in the works?

We’re working towards a project which has been a long time in the making, To Be Young and in Love is the first little taste of that and we can’t wait to share more of it with everyone. Hopefully we can get back to playing live, we’ve got our headline at Sheffield O2 Academy2 so we’re hoping to sell that out. The fans never let us down so here’s hoping the gig goes ahead