Get to know... The Sukis

Credit: Rebecca Need-Menear

Propelling themselves onto the scene via a call-to-arms social media approach which has seen them amass 80k TikTok followers and over 2 million total streams, 18 year old newcomers and latest LAB Records signees The Sukis are here to stay.

Working with a renowned studio team and a youthful, yet nostalgic approach to songwriting - there's no doubt that The Sukis will be stirring up a storm when live music makes its full return.

Following the release of new track 'Bureaucratic Smack', we caught up with the band to chat nostalgic sounds, the power of TikTok and what the future holds for The Sukis.

Hiya! Who are The Sukis and what was it that encouraged you to create music together?

The Sukis are a garage / indie rock / alternative band based in Hertfordshire. Joe and I met through living around the same town and becoming best mates, realising we liked the same music and had the same passion for music. Ollie is a recent addition to the band as we all connected on the same type of music we get inspired by. I think the idea of a band has always been very cool in all our minds, so that was a catalyst. However, the idea of making music and writing music for people to hear was an even cooler thing! To be honest, nothing really encouraged it, it all happened very organically which is a lovely thing.

New single ‘Bureaucratic Smack’ is out in the world, talk us through it a little bit. Where did it come from?

Yes, it is out roaming the world now as we speak! ‘Bureaucratic Smack’ came from a rough voice memo idea where I basically parody those early 2000s indie rock songs with a Thom Yorke vocal over the top. Turns out though it was a really interesting song to us! Back in January, I went to France for a job and I remember properly sitting down and writing the full tune. A lot of the song came with playing together though as a band. And of course nicking all of Brian Wilson’s harmony techniques!

It has a very nostalgic indie feel to it, do you think that’s based on the music you’ve grown up listening to or more to do with the music that surrounds you as a band?

It’s the sound we find most authentic. And it’s cool man! I guess it’s like Nature vs Nurture, but instead it’s Nurture vs Spotify playlists! We’ve always loved the energy of those 2000s songs and we wear our influences proudly on our sleeves about it but we always try to take elements from other types of tunes. Nostalgia is definitely part of it as nostalgia is one of the strongest feelings you can feel towards something and it’s an especially powerful feeling in the context of music.

Would you say it’s a solid representation of what’s to come, or are we likely to hear some variation in your coming releases?

I think it’s safe to say that... we don’t know! It’s a spur of the moment type of song. At that moment we were feeling that it was the right song to record. In the near future it’s probably our most heavy one we’ll release any time soon but we’re definitely not shying away from writing and performing other tunes as intense as it is.

You’ve got the whole social media thing down, tell us a bit about TikTok and how it’s impacted you as a band?

TikTok really gave us the boost to push the band out there into the public eye more than any gig could. It gave us not only a literal boost online but a mental boost to keep going. An overwhelming amount of support for our music made it seem all worth while! TikTok is an amazing tool to use as an artist but we recommend to not become reliant on it, at the end of the day numbers are just numbers. It’s the music that counts!

Let’s talk live - obviously feels a long way off at the moment, but when the time comes what’s to be expected from a Sukis show?

What to expect from a Sukis show: a super high energy gig where anyone is welcome, some good bloody tunes and cool outfits!

Any fellow upcoming artists you wouldn’t mind sharing a stage with?

There are many up and coming artists who we love. There are a few from TikTok that we’ve discovered such as The Jins, Crawlers, MockNine and many many others. Although they’re not necessarily up and coming we’d love to do a support slot for Sports Team or Inhaler who are both just killing it at the moment. To be honest we’ll share the stage with anyone! Both those are our particular favourites.

What’s next? Any big plans in the works?

More TikToks! Gigs some time soon! And an EP hopefully around September / October released by the lovely Lab Records! And of course more tunes!