Get To Know... Wasuremono

Wasuremono are creating psychedelic pop that intends to make you feel good. Created and fronted by William Southward, the group made waves back in 2019 with their acclaimed album ‘Are You OK?’ which was quickly picked as BBC 6 Music album of the day.

Now, the band are back with their two-part album ‘Let’s Talk’, with the first half being set for release in April. Before the big day, we chatted with Southward, to get the lo-down on his start in music, his recent singles, and his intentions in music.

How are you?

Feeling good, despite the delays and groundhog days COVID-19 has brought. This feels like a bit of a long stretch for everyone at the moment. Dreaming of sunny days and when we can play live again.

Tell us a bit on how you got started?

Wasuremono started off as a studio project in 2013. After years of playing guitar in bands, I realised I wanted to experiment more, which meant getting over my fear of singing in public. I knew I needed to do this, partly out of my commitment to the music, but also so I could have a fast production line and could record and experiment on my own into the early hours. I was pretty tentative to begin with, not fully knowing if the project would actually become a band and I would have to sing in front of people. However, after a good response from releasing stuff online, the momentum was there and pushed it forwards. I was really nervous at that first gig!

What’s your songwriting process like?

I have my own shed studio, that I’ve built up over the years. I’m really lucky to be able to take my time on the songs, as there are none of the usual constraints. I can be in there as long as I want with no ticking clock equating to pound signs. I normally start with a drum beat that I lay down on a drum machine, and then jam along to it, coming up with riffs and hooks. The songs are developed from the best ideas that stick in my head. There is usually some riff or melody that persists, and I just go with it.

You’ve just released your latest single ‘I Feel Fine (Hallelujah)’. Tell us about what inspired this track.

Most of these songs come from my subconscious, I never have any set ideas of what I’m trying to write. Once I lay vocal melody hooks down over instrumental parts the lyrics start to come through on what I hear. The songs always do become about something though and I think this one has a theme of death and celebration.

The single is from your upcoming album, that will be split into two halves. What was the thought process behind this choice?

It was initially one album, but due to COVID delaying tours and our release plans, I was able to write a lot more music and the album just grew. It made sense to split it up into two parts and make it even bigger. The plan is that by the time part 2 comes out everything will be more normal again for us to go out and play it live (or some kind of normal at least!) .

What some of are the overarching themes of the album?

I don’t really follow themes when I am writing, but this double album is so big it probably covers a lot haha! I always write in hope that someone finds some use of the music or it provides some sort of escapism.

How does it differ from your previous releases?

The Wasuremono sound is still there for sure, but I think the songs are more in depth. Some of the songs are 6 minutes in length, there is a lot to get through and I can’t wait to share those songs to the world.

Name three artists you’ve been loving recently, or that inspire you?

Early Smashing Pumpkins, The Cure and I’ve had Kyoto by Phoebe Bridgers on repeat for a while now, I’m always late to the party!

What do you want people to take away when listening to your music?

A hot curry or Pizza with chips.

What do you hope to accomplish in 2021?

Play a gig where people can be squished in a room together. That would do nicely.