Get To Know... Yore

Yore is the work of Hackney based Callum Gray, an artist and producer creating enchanting and exciting music with an eclectic mix of guests, soon to be released in the form of a self-titled debut album due via FLAT FIVE Records on 4th December.

Whether it be Rakel of Dream Wife or rising London alt-popper Mellah, Yore’s new material promises to be a celebration of indie collaboration.

We spoke to Callum about his role in the East London scene, the forthcoming debut album and his plans for 2021.

Hello! Tell us a bit about yourself and your journey into a career in music?

My name’s Callum Brown & I’m a musician/producer based in Hackney. I fell in love with music when I was an early teen & from there started playing drums/guitar. I used to write simple ideas on guitar & record them on to a cassette so I could jam over them - I think that was my first deep dive into the world of production aha…From there I started playing in bands, then putting on shows & DJing round London - a labour of love!

You’ve always been busy on the East London scene, how are you finding creating music on your own in comparison to with Ulrika Spacek?

I guess working alone there is less compromise to your vision or taste but also there isn’t anyone to pull you in a different direction - both have their pros & cons. I think that’s why I wanted collaboration to be a focal point for Yore; you can learn so much from working with someone new, also being unable to predict the outcome excites me!

Tell us a bit about ‘Hawing’, where did that one come from?

I actually wrote the idea whilst on tour in EU with Ulrika, I was sitting in the front of the van playing around on Logic - I think it was a particularly scenic trip & consequently that led to quite a dreamy & ethereal sound.

You had Rakel from Dream Wife feature on the track, how did that come around?

I’ve known Rakel for a few years & I just sent her a message to see if she wanted to work on a track sometime - it was pretty organic really. We met up a few times & she wrote on the spot whilst improvising which was really impressive & it felt like she was clicking with the music so the process was fluent. Her voice is just so versatile & I’m grateful she decided to lend a more delicate side of it to the song!

Your debut album is set for release in December, how are you feeling about that?

I’m excited & nervous for people to hear it, I just hope it gets a chance to reach the right ears!

What’s to be expected from the album? Any surprises in store?

Well, I love the album format and think those that do will appreciate the journey & flow of the record. Also I think there are enough twists & turns on the way to keep listeners engaged! Ultimately though I think it sounds like Yore.

Was there anything you learned about yourself in the process of making it?

I think I’ve got an understanding of my strengths & weaknesses, how to be a better collaborator & get the best out of a song.

What would a dream tour look like for you? What would you have on the rider?

I think the dream tour for Yore would involve every guest artist on the record!

On the rider; the best local coffee, vegan food, an array of alcohol free beverages & the miniature bread from Spinal Tap.

If your music was to soundtrack any TV series or film, which would it be?

Black Mirror?!

What’s the plan for 2021 looking like?

I want to continue pushing in different directions & experimenting, hoping to have another record ready at some point next year & it’ll be a different fix to the first album!