Gillie - Leaving Alone

With her latest single ‘Leaving Alone’, Welsh singer-songwriter Gillie has created an anthem of self-empowerment. Combining elements of pop, indie, and folk, the Welsh-bred singer songwriters recent release radiates a dreamy, nostalgia-fuelled atmosphere, that is dramatically contrasted by the tracks subject matter that deals with issues of friendship, and the personal breakthroughs that can come as a result. When combined, the ethereal backing and impactful subject matter create an indie-pop banger that will tug at any lister’s heartstrings- a testament to Gillie’s astounding song-writing sensibilities.

The track begins with a thumbing drumbeat, and a guitar drenched in reverb, before the artists hypnotic vocals enter the track. It’s a simplistic, intriguing beginning, and before long the track soon explodes with life, soon introducing a rumbling bassline, and a thunderous guitar solo on the bridge. The meld of sounds is one to get lost in, and with the lyrics of struggle and self-confidence the artist sings throughout, invites the listener to not only hear Gillie’s liberation but indulge in their own. 'Leaving Alone’ is a track that is unapologetically impassioned, and through its synth-driven sound, creates an indie daydream we can all escape into.