Griff Clawson - Chasing Highs

Destined for your happy playlist, Chasing Highs, the latest release from Griff Clawson is your new positivity bop.

It’s everything you want in a song, that being catchy and relatable. Despite the lyrics decidedly not being 100% cheerful, they are beautiful and empathetic. After listening to the tune a few times, you will indisputably know most of the lyrics because they are just that memorable.

Driven by an inspiriting melody, Chasing Highs will make anyone want to dance around their bedroom; an easy to listen to release brimming with a joyous aura.

Griff Clawson has received a mass amount of praise from his previous releases and Chasing Highs is no exception. If you are ever in need of some proper good feel-good music, give Griff a listen.