Haim - Women In Music Pt. III

Women In Music Pt. III, the third album from the LA sister trio Haim, sees the band’s most diverse release yet.

Haim have created a new, yet strangely familiar, soundtrack of heartbreak, longing, and love in their new album, released in 2020. While some of the tracks on WIMPIII are reminiscent of their older sounds – think Don’t Wanna as the estranged sister to Want You Back – they have essentially created a completely unique sound to them and them alone, a feat in the world of alternative/indie music.

Hallelujah is a stripped-back song that features solo singing from all three of the sisters. In their previous two albums, Danielle Haim fronts the singing with backing vocals from her sisters Este and Alana and the odd verse sung by them but Hallelujah is the first song we have heard from Haim that has featured the soft, vulnerable vocals of all three of them, not masked by any instrumentals. It is a beautiful song and a huge nod to the sister’s individual talents as musicians as well as a group.

The tracks are more personal in this album from Haim. There’s grief and there’s torment and it’s expressed beautifully in their lyrics – the kind of songs that make you want to cry while you dance to the contagious beat. It seems the band took influence from a multitude of genres while producing the music. From nods to the genre of rock to dipping their toes into electric pop, the Haim sisters have created a well-rounded soundtrack that provides a little something for everyone.

With the lead up to this album release in June 2020, multiple music videos were released, even the music video for I Know Alone which was shot socially distanced during lockdown. The build-up for this album has not been diminished in our current situation and if anything, the creativity shown in their work has proved that the band goes above and beyond for their passion.

From the meanings to the songs to the eclectic mix of sounds, Haim have made WIMPIII their best album yet. As an all-female band in 2020 taking inspiration from female music icons of the 70s, 80s, 90s and so on, cementing their legacies, they have solidified themselves as a band that means business. Without doubt, their new sound is a huge success for them and already greatly received by fans and critics alike, will continue to mark them as an inspiration to women in music.