Hallan drop thunderous new track 'Reruns'

Credit: Karl Bailey

Post-punk outfit Hallan are back with a thunderous new track, ‘Reruns’, an incisive continuation of their chaotic homilies on everyday life.

The track twists together absurdist elements with a snarling, conversational delivery, reminiscent of the strange thrills of late-night encounters. The vocals sweat, on edge throughout the track, tearing through cacophonous instrumentals, all focused with a razor-sharp intent. Belching basslines and rumbling guitars carry the song along at a running pace; it’s a chaotic sermon, a fast-paced tirade about mundane modern life. Topics such as binging YouTube videos and dangerous diets are blitzed through with dynamism, leaving you craving a healthy dose of ‘5-Minute Crafts’.

Frontman Conor Clements explains: ‘I like to think that between the four of us, there’s not a thing we haven't had a crack at during our "year of self-betterment". And thus, over the last year we have become experts on the mundane. We know the things you're meant to enjoy are not the pleasures they may seem, and we know for certain you'll get more joy out of watching a watermelon being crushed by a hydraulic press at 30,000 frames per second (at 2AM), than you ever will sweating on an exercise bike. ‘Reruns’ embraces the mundane and we like to think the track is us finding our true calling as self-titled "preachers of mundanity".