Halloweens - Maserati Anxiety Designed

It’s been a busy year for Halloweens pair Justin Young and Timothy Lanham. Not content on releasing just an album during their time off from The Vaccines, Young and Lanham have brought out 70s synth-heavy EP Maserati Anxiety Designed.

Lead single Diversity Pools, which was the last song created by the duo before Lanham got stuck in Australia, is “the perfect ode to how hyperbolic [love] should and could be” according to Young. Trophies for Pain is a classic troubled-soul song, featuring true-to-form melancholy lyrics from Young. The upbeat drumbeat is matched with the self-deprecating chorus “trophies for pain, we’re the fucking champions.”

Talking about the EP Young states: “I think it’s a refining of the sound. I think it has more of the DNA of ‘Lady’ or ‘Paris Undercover’. There’s less piano and it’s slightly more synthy.”

Halloweens has always been always been a way for Young to explore his more experimental side, and with Morning Kiss At The Acropolis and Maserati Anxiety Designed the side project has been a success.