Hallworth steps into the future on new single 'Built To Last'

With a new name and based in a new city, Hallworth steps into the future on ‘Built To Last’. Previously gigging around her adopted university city of Sheffield under the name Hannah Louise, Hallworth welcomes in a new era with a track that sounds like a euphoric end credit song, opening a whole new door with the climax in the soundtrack of her past life. Dripping with nostalgia and shrouded in angelic harmonies, ‘Built To Last’ is an anthem for the Lorde generation, always balancing the sweet with the bitter.

Lyrically, this heavily personal song remains wildly relatable to any 20 something year old as an anthem for moving through the various chapters of growing up. Written as she left Sheffield after graduating to return to her hometown of London to pursue music, she said of the experience; “I had created an incredible life for myself in Sheffield, but I knew that if I stayed it wouldn't be the same.” The source of track’s sense of determination, she said; “I knew I had to move back home and start afresh in London. It was definitely the right decision.”

Judging by this tracks tight production and perfect dream-pop finish, it certainly, seeing a huge step up from her previous releases as Hannah Louise. The building drum beat and sharp electric guitar speaks to a level of confidence in Hallworth, taking all the best bits from her varied influences to creating a tracks that elevates the typical singer-songwriter sound.

With several achievements already under her belt, including supporting Paul Young, ticking a Sofar Sounds gig off her list and gaining BBC Introducing support, ‘Built To Last’ introduces Hallworth as one to watch. Infusing her sweet voice with an undeniable sense of drive and passion, let this song soundtrack your next big life change.