Hannah Georgas - That Emotion

Hannah Georgas’ latest indie pop release That Emotion is both balanced and resilient.

Georgas has a talent for control. It’s something gets a lot of bad press, especially because music makes the listener feel so wildly spontaneous – but That Emotion reminds us of the beauty in taking a moment, accepting the here and now, and feeling a little bit in control of yourself again.

Georgas herself, talking about That Emotion, has said it’s about “letting emotions build up inside and not necessarily being consciously aware of it”. Maybe this song is about becoming more consciously aware of things, as Georgas’s ability to find the gentlest way to use each instrument feels thoughtful and particular. She also does a really good job of conveying that maybe not so positive mindset but staying light. Sometimes alt singer-songwriter’s emotional tracks can feel really heavy – think about Phoebe Bridgers’ ‘Smoke Signals’ – but That Emotion doesn’t hurt to listen to.

Peaceful and personal, Hannah Georgas’ latest single feels like a very gentle therapy. For fans of the National (whom she accompanied on tour last year) and Courtney Barnett.