Hauskey - Slow

Australian slacker-pop star in the making Hauskey, or Andy as he’s also known, has spent his life building toward this pivotal point in his career. Having studied at the prestigious Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, the Perth singer, songwriter and producer has not only opened his own music school in his hometown and lived in London, but is now about to blow up into something rather spectacular.

Debut single Slow has already been names as Radio 1’s Jack Saunders’ “favourite song of the year”, and now that it’s been released in the UK via Polydor Records it’s sure to become yours too.

Slow has just about everything you could want in a pop song. Rippling with influences from fellow Australians, its an easy-breezy blend of bedroom pop synths and RnB infused grooves packing a chorus that will stick in your head for days.

It’s refreshing, it’s catchy, it’s upbeat and it’s soothing. Hauskey may be a new name, but he’s sure to be a big one too - you’ll be hearing Slow everywhere you go in the very near future.