Hauskey - Slow EP

Aussie bedroom popper Hauskey has landed with his debut EP, Slow. With the eponymous track having already ramped up well over a million streams on Spotify, he’s generating buzz worldwide, and this EP provides a perfect stepping-stone on his steady climb upwards. Full of casual lyricism and lazy balladry, these songs contain the dual nervousness and confidence of youth, speaking to a youthful audience without the barrier of bravado that other indie acts often carry.

The titular track introduces his nursery rhyme buoyancy that trips through the rest of the collection, subtle RnB accents keeping pace. The relaxed piano of Somewhere adds a more classic groove, updated for a modern audience by layering it alongside contemporary sounding beats. The whole EP is dusted with a sheen of positivity, even the more sombre Not Good, a track that speaks to the mental health crisis across the world at the moment, being gilded with an optimism that lifts it out of the gloom.

Hauskey’s Dick Whittington path to success saw him fly to London in the hope of finding his fortune, after having set up his own 500 strong music school in Australia – a mean feat in itself – to graft some much needed funds. But this stringent determination doesn’t appear in his songs; the EP is a laidback collection, brimming with slacker-pop charm that suggests he simply fell out of bed and into these songs. Its meandering charisma crafts a smiling sweetness, conversational touches attributing it a breezy candour only reinforced by the fact that none of these songs reach the three-minute mark. It’s an easy, untroubled affair, and a nice moment of calm.