Hedda Mae ascends to pop queen status with the 00's style 'Mr. Big Mouth'

Following a year of quality pop releases, Bergen's Hedda Mae ascends to pop queen status with her new power-pop hit 'Mr. Big Mouth'.

Boasting everything you'd ever want from a major pop smash, 'Mr. Big Mouth' mashes the nostalgia of the 90's and 00's with Hedda Mae's bolshy, effortlessly cool confidence. Unabashedly addictive, it's not only a testament to her songwriting abilities but a track that could sit as comfortably on a copy of Pop Princesses as it could atop of the streaming charts.

Speaking about the release, Hedda Mae elaborates: "'Mr. Big Mouth' was written in February this year, during the period when the Free Britney movement was most relevant. I took some inspiration from the documentary that was released, where among other things there was a focus on how badly she was treated by the media and paparazzi. It describes a person who’s not reliable and who’s looking to create trouble."