Hedda Mae - Madness

Ultra funky pop realness is the best way to describe Hedda Mae’s newest single. Despite only starting to release music in February of this year, Hedda has racked up a seriously good fan base on major platforms such as Spotify.

Madness exuberates a feel-good aura, twinkling with 80’s vibes. The single is perfect for playing on full blast while bopping in your kitchen, guaranteed to perk up your mood.

Hedda’s voice is euphoric and energetic, there is no doubt that you will be singing along at the top of your lungs in no time.

The single’s repetitive and nostalgic riff is unusually a real strength of the song, making Madness even more assuredly catchy. There is a sure balance between eighties bliss and early 2000’s girl band swagger. In essence, it is any girl's musical dreamland.

If you’re after mood-boosting strong female energy, Hedda Mae’s ecstatic releases are exactly what you need.