Hinds - The Prettiest Curse

Madrid quartet Hinds have steadily built a reputation for themselves over the last few years as one of the most raucous, fierce bands working today. Combining blistering musicianship with confrontational and unflinching lyrics, the band have built a following on their ability to tackle tough subjects with humour and honesty. It’s what helped make their first two albums, 2016’s Leave Me Alone and 2018’s I Don’t Run so successful. Now they return with their latest full length, the unfortunately delayed but highly anticipated The Prettiest Curse.

Opening track Good Bad Times sets the tone for much of the album’s sound; volatile, full throttle garage rock. The interplay between the group’s yelping vocals and the harmonised guitar riff makes it a perfect introduction, guaranteeing the track a special place in many future live sets. Take Me Back pairs an insanely catchy high-pitched riff with proud lyrics about appreciating your own independence.

Outside of the band’s perchance for heavy riffs and scuzzy moods, there are new elements that would never have been found in the band’s repertoire before. For one thing, it sounds like the band have been having fun messing around in the studio, with the addition of synths present in songs like Good Bad Times and Riding Solo.

There’s also a keen level of vulnerability found elsewhere, highlighting the band’s growth as musicians comfortable to leave the noise behind and feel comfortable in their skills. Come Back and Love Me pairs a gorgeous Spanish guitar backing with warm, Kinks-like melodies, gifting the band their most beautiful song. Waiting For You starts with slowly strummed electrics and brushed drum patterns before building into a climactic cavalcade of power.

The Prettiest Curse is Hinds’ most adventurous and challenging album yet, retaining the raw energy and no-shit-taken attitude of their previous work, while adding in new ideas and a stronger trust in their abilities as musicians and songwriters.