Home Counties Drop New Odd-Pop Single 'White Shirt / Clean Shirt'

Photo Credit: Naz Stone

Returning with the latter of two new self-produced singles, Home Counties have swivelled into a whole new direction with their new odd-pop track 'White Shirt / Clean Shirt'.

Released via Alcopop! Records, the track offers an introduction to a whole new eccentric side to Home Counties. Full to the brim with frenzied, wiggling synths and drum machines it's a smile-inducing, hip-wiggling little number adding a much needed sense of carefree fun to these bland times we're living in.

Singer Will Harrison explains: "'White Shirt / Clean Shirt' began life as a guitar-orientated number that was a staple of our live set last year at our first shows, but then we had sort of fell out of love with it. Through lockdown, as we started experimenting more heavily with synthesisers and drum machines; we reworked the song with these new influences and it found a new lease of life.