• Gabrielle Jamie Dixon

Husband Material - Spring

Coming in with a fresh take on an iconic old school sound, Husband Material release their debut single Spring.

Situated between 90’s shoegaze and the last ten years neo-psychedelic obsession, Spring is a thoughtfully constructed guitar heavy track balancing talent, texture, and head-over-heels angst. There’s an alternative intimacy to this track, in the way Husband Material know their instruments, the moon-drenched pining, and the simple way the layers of this track make a home in your head.

Husband Material are plugging into a genre renowned for its longevity and innovation, comparable to the likes of alt-rock giants like My Bloody Valentine and early tracks from indie staples like Cage the Elephant. They’ve even mastered the genre requirements, like ‘unique accent’ that creeps in through Liverpudlian vocalist Adam Stokes. This track marks a levelling up on a niche they’re beginning to craft out for themselves.

Husband Material already have a name on Liverpool’s live circuit, named for their ‘epic, slow burning’ live shows. As this first single follows steadfast in those step, this is the first step for a potentially great band.

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