HYYTS Share Euphoric New Track 'Blue and White'

Growing from strength to strength with each release, Glaswegian pop duo HYYTS have shared one of their most personal singles to date, 'Blue and White'. The track comes alongside news of a brand new EP, 'Helluvatime' due 4th June via Warner Records and two socially distanced live shows at London's Laylow.

Aiming to challenge the gender norms that come with being two cis men in Glasgow, 'Blue and White' is true to the pair's euphoric, heartfelt pop style. Bouncing electro-beats and retro, 80's-tinged synths back Adam's emotive, yet anthemic vocals.

On 'Blue and White', vocalist Adam says "We decided to shoot the video with our fave directors Pip + Lib through more of a feminine gaze. Challenging gender norms has always been a big thing for us. We’re two cis men from Glasgow where so-called 'masculinity' is important and heteronormativity rules supreme. We’ve played so many gigs where our genre of music, our flamboyance and femininity, even the fact that we’re not playing guitars, is questioned and mocked as too feminine. In my old job I worked in prisons across Scotland as a music therapist and saw the levels of toxic masculinity perpetuating the stigma around mental health and it's a really massive issue in Scotland. So we wanted to make a really cool video and quash some gender norms along the way. Plus they made my hair look like clouds which was the coolest thing ever."