Confronting the stigma attached to mental health, Glaswegian pop duo HYYTS have followed up the nostalgic Lonely People with another slice of playful pop, SOS.

The duo’s soaring vocals and emotive soundscapes make for a true euphoric feeling, something which takes centre stage on SOS. A blend of 80’s synths and modern pop influences work hand-in-hand, resulting in unapologetic, emotionally driven pop packed with power and yet another sign that HYYTS are a duo with true style.

Discussing SOS, Sam says “it was written about a period of time we’d both simultaneously spent in quite a bad place”, as Adam continues, “it’s about being there for someone forever, whether it’s a friend, family member, partner or whoever. The idea that people, especially British people and especially men, try not to cry or show weakness which is f***ing lame so we tried to get across the feeling that showing vulnerability is a beautiful thing".

(Photo credit - Cian McKenzie)