In Review: Sunglasses for Jaws - 'Everybody's Made of Bones'

Sunglasses for Jaws provide the latest in their brand of psych-rock dark groves and sleazy moods with their eerie, experimental new album ‘Everybody’s Made of Bones’.

‘Everybody’s Made of Bones’’ experimental, prismatic sound follows paranoid schizophrenic Frank. Frank Gallagher, Frank Reynolds, Dr Frank N. Furter – all the best characters are called Frank. Recruiting singer/actor Olivier Huband into the band’s revolving cast of members was a stroke of genius, as any album propelled by a character driven story needs an emotive voice behind it. While the album is an exciting work of music on its own, Frank’s story of a man convinced his life is a movie brings surreality to this already fluid album.

After a year of working together seeming like a distant memory, ‘Everybody’s Made of Bones’ is a reminder of the power of collaboration. Working in Sean Ono Lennon’s New York studio and with the detailed ear of Charlotte Kemp Muhl to assist, the band describe this album as ‘more musical record than anything we'd done before, but still with the grit and vibe that we would usually go for’. In fact, the ability to play with ‘every mesmerising instrument you could wish for’ at Lennon’s studio has helped facilitate a rich and unique sound to the latest Sunglasses for Jaws release.

It’s funky, it’s eerie, and on tracks like the 9 minute jam session ‘Bone’, it makes a church organ sound really fucking cool. Tracks like first single and album opener ‘Walk Me Home’ are a safe bet for impressing your friends, but the track still takes enough risks to be an interesting listen. ‘Woke Up From Something’ would suit the opening of the next cult neo-noir film, full of grit and cigarette ash. No surprise that Ono Lennon, Kemp Muhl and the band bonded over their love of French avant-garde film music. There is an expansive cinematic world inside this music.

Add this one to your on-repeat list, unless you’re walking home late at night.