In Review: Wasuremono - 'Let's Talk Pt. 1'

Wasuremono have always had a talent of curating their own little universes through their eclectic, atmospheric pop. Each release put out by the Bradford-on-Avon outfit is so densely packed with texture, storytelling and experimentation that each feels like a wormhole into a different world- each interesting, and drastically new. Nothing proves this better than the group's latest album ‘Let's Talk, Pt. 1’. The offering delves headfirst into experimentation, while still keeping with the groups charismatic pop sensibilities.

We begin bluntly, opening with the title track 'Let's Talk’. When listening, that feeling of discovery resonates. The slow building of textures, and the introduction of jazzy piano melody and chant-like, harmonic vocals feels like emerging into an open clearing after wading in the dark, a euphoric tone permeating throughout. Hook, line and sinker, it's an opening that pulls you in completely.

However, not every track is an upbeat one. One of the most engaging tracks is ‘Rain’ , an acoustic ballad, like track. Plonked right in the middle of the record, it’s simplistic backing and emotional lyricism make it shine. It’s contrast with the rest of the tracks lets the whole album breathe, and in turn intrigues and excites.

As we dive deeper, the experimentation and atmospheric pop sounds remain. While each track differs in sound and meaning, the group maintains key musical elements that are stapled in each. Unique, encompassing harmonies can be herald throughout the work, most noticeably appearing on ‘I Feel Fine’, a softer offering packed with vocals above a jaunty, irresistible guitar melodies.

Repeating motifs are also a staple, with almost every track having a recurring pattern that lies underneath the rest of the noise. Perhaps the best of these appears on ‘Up In Space’, that balances it’s cosmic sound with a charming piano pattern. When listening, it evokes the feeling of a road trip- new landscapes emerging, all connected.

With such stellar, sunshine-kissed tracks littered throughout, the final track has a lot of pressure to end the album fittingly. Luckily, it doesn’t disappoint. Named ‘Feeling Like An Animal’, the track dips between walls of sound, and spaces where only the vocals and percussion remain, before exploding into a much-anticipated climax. It’s peaks and dips are reminiscent of the variety seen through the album as a whole, making it the perfect track to bid goodbye. With ‘Let’s Talk Pt.1’, Wasuremono creates a journey through their vision of what pop should be, creating new pockets of the band’s talents to discover, and get lost in.