J a b o b o do psychedelic nostalgia on 'walk through the snow'

Chicago duo J a b o b o, transport us into the summer with their latest EP, aptly and simply named 'EP'.

The lead track from this sweltering line up, ‘walk through the snow’, is a true jam, somewhat nostalgic of a psychedelic Woodstock era with their heavy yet lazily seductive riffs.

Lyrically, the track is tinged with the emotion of a past love, the hard slog of ‘walking through the snow’ and the question of whether it was worth it.

Self described as “slacker jazz”, the pair have curated an EP that is simultaneously easy listening and incredibly intriguing. Reminiscent of the likes of King Krule and Jordan Rakei in a uniquely Americana way, this is an easy win for a summer evening soundtrack.