Jabbawoki - Unkle Funkle

Leeds trio Jabbawoki have released their new single, Uncle Funkle.

As suggested by it’s title, Uncle Funkle is deeply embedded with funk and groovy hooks that are unmistakably Jabbawoki. The entirety of the four minutes and thirty seconds of the song delivers a groovy but sombre indie-rock that ensures the feel of peace of mind for the listener as a result of its balmy and tranquil vocals from vocalist Tom Cranston.

Uncle Funkle epitomises the definition of a smooth transition with its easy-breezy follow into the middle-eight, with a gentle repetitive modish riff that builds back incredibly smoothly into the main body of the song .

Waltzing hand-in-hand through whimsical subtlety and blissful indie-rock, the track has an air of beauty and serenity that makes the single itself hard to dislike.

Since Jabbawoki are a band emerging on to the newer music scene, it is definitely worth keeping an ear out for them by virtue of their ability to produce such a masterful piece.