jak lvr shares glistening new electro-pop gem 'Call It Love'

Credit: Milly Hutchcraft

Teeside pop newcomer jak lvr has shared a glistening new electro-pop gem in the form of the title-track from a forthcoming EP, 'Call It Love' due September 10th.

Simultaneously nostalgic and fresh, 'Call It Love' melds jak's knack for infectious indie hooks acquired during his time in North East indie outfit Llovers with a new found sense of self; resulting in an intimate and melancholic electro-pop hit loaded with danceable electronic textures.

Elaborating on the track, jak lvr explains: "‘Call It Love is about being unsure, about both myself and the things I feel and experience. It really gets to the core of why I make music because it addresses the way I feel and I suppose if the song resonates with people I get some sort of validation that I’m not mad and most people live with at least some uncertainty around things that are often presented as knownable variables.”